Kaitlyn Bristowe: Pregnant by Unknown Bachelorette Suitor?!?

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Over the course of its illustrious run on ABC, The Bachelorette has teased (and The Bachelorette spoilers have spoiled) nearly everything:

A star chooses neither finalist. A contestant eliminates himself or herself. An old face returns. A couple actually gets married. You name it.

And, according to a controversial Bachelorette promo for Season 11, a woman dared to have sex with a contestant before the Fantasy Suite.

That woman, of course, is Kaitlyn Bristowe. And she may really be regretting her actions at the moment because, as you can see below...

Kaitlyn Bristowe Pregnant Cover

... Kaitlyn Bristowe is pregnant!

Maybe. Possibly. Sort of. If you choose to believe the latest issue of Life & Style, that is.

This cover story depicts a stunned Kaitlyn and claims she's "furious" about being "used" by... whoever knocked her up, we assume.

Might it have been Nick Viall, who some have pegged as the man who sleeps with Bristowe at some point this season?

We’ve surfed the Internet for The Bachelorette spoilers and we cannot confirm the identity of Kaitlyn’s lucky sack mate.

Nor can we confirm whether or not that's actually her hand holding a pregnancy test on the above cover (Editor's Note: it's totally not, come on, people).

But one thing is for certain: Life & Style writes how Bristowe “can’t believe this happened” and, frankly, neither can we.

That's because we'd bet all the roses in Chris Harrison's backyard that a pregnancy decidedly did NOT happen.

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