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While The Bachelorette is not billed as a comedy, the clip below is one of the funniest things we’ve seen on reality TV in some time.

Maybe it’s the Scooby Doo background music, or the image of Chad chomping on an unpeeled sweet potato like a wiener, or maybe even remembering the image of weird Daniel flexing for the camera in the season premiere.

But it’s most likely the casually clueless way Daniel compares Chad to Adolph Hitler during their man-to-man conversation.

In the clip, Daniel has a little sit-down with fellow JoJo Fletcher suitor Chad, who is clearly this season’s antagonist.

In fact, some have called him the show’s worst villain ever.

During last week’s episode, Chad told JoJo she was "naggy" and basically called the other guys p**sies for kissing up to her.

The macho, almost cartoon-like he-bro later puffed out his chest and got into it with Alex, who confronted the real estate agent.

In essence, Chad pissed off everyone except for Daniel, who for unknown reasons remains his friend.

But now Daniel is worried that if he continues to hang with Chad, he’ll be deemed evil by association.

The two dudes sit on the couch and Daniel tells him the other guys in the house think he’s a loose cannon, especially after he punched a door, which Chad thinks is, like, NBD.

So Daniel tries another approach.

"Let’s pretend you’re Hitler. If I’m friends with you…" Daniel begins.

"Let’s not pretend I’m Hitler," Chad shoots back.

"Okay, well, let’s say you’re Donald Trump or something like that," Daniel continues. "I mean, if I hang out with you, it’s gonna make me look bad, too, right?"

"So let’s be not so much like Hitler, maybe be more like Mussolini, you know? Or Bush, right?" he suggests. "Just maybe take it down a notch, right?"

We are loving the aspirational vibe of this convo: Don’t be like Hitler, be like Mussolini, bruh! I could totes hang with Mussolini!

The show is making one thing painfully obvious: they’re keeping Chad around for bringing the drama while Daniel provides the comic relief.

Any guesses on how long each of them stays on? Check out The Bachelorette spoilers to find out.