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After watching Monday’s season premiere of The Bachelorette, fans undoubtedly engaged in some deep intellectual discourse over JoJo Fletcher’s choices.


If you watched, you know that he first awkwardly tried to recreate the popular "Damn, Daniel" meme by exclaiming, "Damn, JoJo" during their one-on-one, then made her feel dumb when she wasn’t familiar with the trend.

Then he got sloppy drunk in the house and took off all his clothes, save for a pair of barely-there bikini briefs.

And then this happened:

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Okay, JoJo admits she didn’t see that part. 

But she did see him strip out of his formal wear and dive into the pool, even though it wasn’t a pool party.

He was definitely the standout freak of the evening, and that’s saying a lot given a different dude came and stayed the entire duration dressed as Santa Claus.

JoJo explained to E! News why she extended a rose to Daniel over five other suitors who didn’t make complete asses of themselves.

"Everyone’s like, ‘Why did you keep Daniel?!’" she started.

Yeah. Why??

"He was some comedic relief for me that night," she said. Okay, we’ll give him that.

"I was like, this guy has to be different when he’s not just hammered right now," she added. "So I just wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt."

Um, alright. But here’s our guess. ABC is the party that really wanted to keep him around, because people tune in for the crazies, and maybe he’ll get naked again or play the harmonica with his butt.

With Daniel around, anything can happen.

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