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It’s a dramatic, two-night special event.

The Bachelorette returns Monday, July 25 for the back half of its final four cliffhanger, then continues with the annual Men Tell All filler.

Let’s begin with this evening’s portion.

Will the final three men, as predicted by The Bachelorette spoilers months ago, advance to the Fantasy Suite portion of this epic season?

After the rose ceremony cliffhanger that ended last Monday’s show, we’ve been waiting a full week to see Luke Pell gets the boot or not.

Luke Pell Pic
Photo via ABC
Luke Pell on The Bachelorette
Photo via ABC

JoJo Fletcher seemed fairly sure of that decision, but did she change her mind when he pulled her aside and told her that he was in love?

Or did the producers just masterfully break up the episodes to make it look like that was a possibility and hype up this two-night EVENT?

Our bet would be squarely on the latter, but that’s just us.

Whomever gets the axe, JoJo will go on one-on-one dates with all three of her suitors in Thailand, as they vie for the Fantasy Suite key.

How many men will JoJo invite there, and who among the final three move on to the season finale one week from tonight (August 1)?

JORDAN on The Bachelorette
Jo Jo Fletcher Pic
Photo via Craig Sjodin

From where we sit now, it’s hard to see anyone but Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes – despite their baggage – surviving tonight’s episode.

Yes, the jocks have come under heavy scrutiny for their past relationships and actions, and plenty of doubts have been raised about both.

We just see a Jordan-Robby final as inevitable, however.

As for the Men Tell All special, airing Tuesday night … Bachelorette host Chris Harrison calls it the most anticipated reunion show ever.

Which may actually be true. The bar is set low, but still.

There are plenty of questions to be answered when the most talked about men of the season reunite. Such as:

– How does Derek feel after leaving Argentina in tears?

– Is James Taylor still heartbroken after being dumped?

– Is Chad Johnson about to f–king flip out on people?

– How can they possibly fill two hours with this stuff?!

Gonna say yes to the first three, and SMH to the fourth.

Again, we don’t know that for a fact, but it feels like a safe bet at this point that Chad remains unstable. Call it a hunch.

How do you believe all of this will play out?

Check out ABC’s promo below and tell us: