The Bachelor Sneak Preview: Guess Who's Back!

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Nick Viall has officially reached the hometown dates, with his final four ladies exactly who The Bachelor spoilers told us they would be.

No one saw this blast from the past coming, though ...

Nick Viall Smilin'

In a sneak peek at Monday night’s episode, we see the man of the hour travel across the country to meet the parents of his top four.

One of whom we know for a fact will be eliminated.

That's because Rachel Lindsay is The Bachelorette, as ABC surprisingly announced before she was even cut loose from The Bachelor.

Will it be the hometown date that is her last?

“Have you ever dated a black girl?” Rachel’s mother asks the 36-year-old during their sit-down chat. “What is your intention with her?” 

“I just can’t give you my blessing,” the dad of one of the women tells The Bachelor, in a blunt but frankly refreshing display of caution.

Yeah. No one said hometowns were easy.

In addition to being grilled by various moms and dads, and Corinne’s nanny for that matter, he has to grapple with his own feelings.

Oh, and also Ms. Andi Dorfman.

The Bachelorette star, and the first of many women Nick has romanced in hos nearly three years as a franchise staple, is back, baby.

Why? Ratings, we're guessing.

“Hello Nick,” says Dorfman, who chose Josh Murray over Viall on The Bachelorette finale in 2014, as the door to his hotel room opens.

It remains to be seen what motive Andi would possibly have for flying in to confront Nick at this point in their lives, but hey. Good TV.

For us. He does not look happy.

Check out the sneak peek below and see what you think - and tell us whether Corinne, Raven Gates or Vanessa Grimaldi should win. 

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