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The Bachelor Season 20 is off and…. crying!

If you’ve read The Bachelor spoilers, you already know what’s tap for Ben Higgins and company this winter …  but not every detail.

Every dramatic, ridiculous, contrived detail.

Those who watch The Bachelor online were treated to an extended, three-minute look at the season to come last night, and wow.

Just wow. This is gonna be a doozy.

"What we have is real and scary and amazing and just like, incredible." – Ben Higgins, gushing over an unnamed aspiring wife.

Oh yes, it’s gonna be that kind of year.

Prepare for lots of ladies gushing about Ben, declarations of love (literally everyone on the show seems to be fallin’ for this guy).

Then prepare for pretty much all the cliches, manufactured plot devices and canned lines from 19 prior seasons rolled into one.

Brace yourself for major in-fighting among the women … literally in the case of one girl who allegedly clocks another in the dome.

Seriously. Watch the preview below.

Then get ready for the obligatory montage of Ben contemplating if he made a HUGE mistake, and what that means for his "journey."

He will debate making GAME-CHANGING move that no one in BACHELOR HISTORY has done and fans will NEVER see coming.

And in the end, he will get engaged … maybe. Probably. Just follow the link above if The Bachelor spoilers are what you’re after.

If that’s not what you’re after and you would prefer to watch this play out in all its highly-scripted glory, then you can do that too.

Just grab a hat and hold the f–k onto it then.