Teresa Giudice: I Have NEVER Used Botox!!!

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Teresa Giudice is getting a divorce and just bid farewell to her father in a beautiful memorial that was much smaller than the family would have liked.

But somehow, she still has time to set her followers straight on what she ha and has not done to her face.

Teresa Giudice Promotes CBD Masks

Teresa Giudice uploaded a video to her Instagram, which you can view here in this post. 

"The girls and I have been enjoying our time at home together," she begins. "What a special treat I’ve found in my @unclebuds_hemp face masks!"

"These masks have CBD Collagen and CBD Detoxifying Contains pure CBD oil," Teresa writes in the caption.

"The CBD infused face masks," she explains, "help soothes skin irritation and removes excess oil!"

Teresa Giudice Discusses Joe

"Full of antioxidants and anti-aging properties that will help reduce wrinkles and puffiness," Teresa continues in her caption.

She adds that the mask "contains collagen to promote glowing vibrant skin!"

"Moisturizes and nourishes and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles," Teresa adds.

Concluding her Instagram advertisement, she says that the product is "perfect for all skin types"

Teresa Giudice Gets Grilled at the Reunion Part 2

Not everyone was happy with Teresa's video, her caption, or her appearance, it seems.

"Too much botox in them lips, T," one commenter very rudely and absurdly accused.

Teresa clapped back with a one-word reply.

The Real Housewife simply wrote: "none."

Teresa Giudice Flips Off Producers

"You don’t put Botox in your lips,” another replier added, explaining the obvious to the clueless.

The commenter detailed: “Botox is mainly from the nose up.”

What goes in lips? Lip fillers, obviously.

Injecting an immobilizing toxin into your lips would be daft. Fillers, however, can enlarge the lips to meet contemporary beauty standards.

Teresa Giudice on an Episode

In fact, Teresa has been open about her use of fillers.

In 2018, she appeared on Watch What Happens Live and spoke on the subject to host Andy Cohen.

Teresa confessed that she had gotten a "little bit" of lip filler.

She then assured the audience: “I’m not gonna lie, I’ll tell you."

Teresa Giudice: A Close-Up

Teresa is hardly the only Real Housewife to use fillers.

Few have taken them to the extremes of Kim Zolciak, but a lot of the ladies get their looks and especially their lips touched up.

And we cannot blame fans for wondering about botox in general.

After all, wasn't one of the very first episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County all about the ladies having a "botox party?"

Teresa Giudice at Bravocon 2019

Clearly, the commenter was either trolling or exposing their own ignorance about beauty treatments.

And quite possibly, it was both.

Sometimes, people just want to lash out and hurt someone's feelings with "constructive criticism" directed at a famous total stranger.

That urge sometimes intensifies as people grow restless and stir-crazy while on lockdown during this pandemic.

Teresa Giudice on Bravo Couch

Teresa has enough on her plate, don't you think?

Her divorce from Joe was a long time coming, but with four daughters and a lot of history, that's going to take its toll.

The loss of her father is hitting her and her daughters hard, and she doesn't need any extra "grief" from trolls, right?

People can get back to shading Teresa if they want to ... but maybe wait until next month, okay?

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