June Shannon Sells Off Belongings, Alarms Desperate Family with New Low

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On last week's Mama June: Family Crisis, June Shannon ghosted on rehab, leaving her entire family devastated and disappointed.

In a sneak peek for this week, the entire family reacts with horror as June sells everything she owns -- and a lot of what they own -- for quick cash.

Alana Thompson Says That It Was Just a Joke

Late last summer, when these episode of Mama June: Family Crisis were filmed, Alana Thompson was dealing with a scandal.

See, the high school freshman had pretended to snort cocaine on Instagram Live.

Between being 14 years old, being a celebrity who grew up on television, and her mother's downward spiral and crack arrest, this was serious.

And everyone was determined to get Alana to understand that.

Lauryn Shannon Explains the Situation

Being 14, however, Alana does not initially understand why so many adults who love her are freaking out.

In this sneak peek, we see Lauryn beg her to take this seriously.

Alana's manager, Gina Rodriguez, even video chats with her to talk about the seriousness of this scandal.

In reality, we know that Alana likely lost some business opportunities because of that. 14 year old stars are held to lofty standards.

Alana Thompson Feels Ganged Up Upon

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lamb very dramatically shows Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson the video of Alana.

Now, Jennifer clearly loves being on reality TV, and not just because she got a full body makeover.

In this very staged-looking conversation, she assumes the role of the gleeful villain, encouraging Mike to seek custody of Alana.

We all know that Mike was a terrible father and shouldn't have custody of a houseplant. But this storyline looks pretty serious.

Jennifer Lamb is Happy to Play the Villain

Meanwhile, Lauryn is also taking this seriously, in her own way.

Because she and Gina were not able to get through to Alana, it appears that they are staging a mini-intervention for Alana.

Nobody thinks that Alana is actually doing lines of coke, but interventions can be for many things.

Alana is visibly stunned when she walks into, well, a very polite ambush.

Mama June Family Crisis - intervention for Alana?

(My word, look at those crocks just sitting on the floor)

The good news is that it appears that this intervention somehow got through to Alana.

Maybe they spelled out their concerns. Maybe they told her about the professional consequences of being "the girl who pretended to snort coke."

Whatever it was, Alana ended up weeping. We hope that this was a sign that she got the message. Poor girl.

Alana Thompson Cries on the Couch

Obviously, Alana's acting out -- which was genuinely mild -- was because of June's own bad behavior.

And, as the family learns in this sneak peek, June's behavior got a whole lot worse.

Last year, just days after Alana's scandal broke, someone recorded the interior of June's damaged, trashed house.

June was selling off her possessions in a desperate bid to keep Geno by her side, and a potential buyer shared what they had seen with the world.

Lauryn Shannon Hears Some Alarming News

Now, the sneak peek doesn't show all of the details, like the discarded syringes laying around or almost all of the furniture being gone.

But it is Lauryn's husband, Joshua Efird, who gets to break the news on-camera (while, let's be real, Lauryn fakes a reaction to news she already knew).

Lauryn doesn't have to fake her horror -- at the state of June's house.

Even more unnerving is that June isn't limiting this fire sale to her own possessions.

Lauryn Shannon Faces the Ugly Truth

The "crack addicts will steal your stereo" trope is so old that it dates back to when stereos were normal household equipment.

But in this case, it appears that June was selling things from Alana's room, from Lauryn's old room, and even things belonging to Ella.

As Lauryn and her husband discuss this horror show, Alana listens on.

Remember, June was supposed to go to rehab just recently, but ghosted. Alana is having to process how far her mother has fallen.

Alana Thompson Does Not Like What She is Hearing

It gets worse than just the trashed house and then stolen and sold items.

(Yes, when you take something belonging to someone else and sell it, it is stealing, even if it's in your house and even if you bought it)

Joshua notes that the potential buyer had also gotten a glimpse of June herself along with the syringe-littered garbage heap of a house.

And, well, Lauryn's face really says it all.

Alana Thompson and Lauryn Shannon See What Joshua Efird Has to Show Them

Mama June: Family Crisis is certainly living up to the "family crisis" part of its name.

But fans expecting to see June clean up her act or even return to her starring role are in for a nasty shock -- at least, this season.

Only very, very recently has June Shannon taken steps to fix her life. Fans hope for the best.

In the mean time, we can continue to watch the devastating fallout that one woman's choices are having on her entire family.

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