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As any Real Housewives of New Jersey fan knows well, the marriage between Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice has been over for several months now.

Heck, perhaps even for multiple years.

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However, a very reliable source now confirms that the two-decade-long union between the reality stars is about to come to an actual, official, legal end.

Divorce style, you guys.

Joe Gorga confirmed late last week that the divorce paperwork between his sister and his soon-to-be-former-brother-in-law "is almost done” during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Thursday, April 2.

Teresa’s sibling also noted that the 47-year-old Bravo personality does NOT have a new man in her life.

Teresa Giudice and joey

“No, not yet,” Gorga told Cohen when asked if Teresa was dating.

Teresa and Joe essentially bid farewell to their relationship shortly after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud way back in 2016.

They were later sentenced to contrasting stints in prison — Teresa to just under a year and Joe to 44 months — and subsequently spent years not living under the same roof.

During their court-mandated time apart, rumors of infidelity (on both sides) continues to float around the Internet.

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice Kiss
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It didn’t exactly help when Joe was then deported from the United States because he committed a felony while living here as a non-citizen.

He proceeded to move to Italy while awaiting words on an appeal… and remains there to this day.

In December, insiders finally acknowledged that the famous couple were separating.

The dreaded "D" Word hadn’t really been dropped until Joe’s quote above, however, as fans have been left to wonder over the past few months just when the documents would be signed.

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“Teresa and Joe talked about their future when she and the girls were in Italy and decided it was best for them to separate,” a source told Us Weekly in late 2019, adding:

“Neither of them wanted to be in a long-distance relationship. … They harbor no ill will toward each other and will continue to coparent their kids.”

Of late, meanwhile, Teresa has said she’s grossed out by her long-time husband, while Joe has basically been saying the opposite.

Joe would totally bang Teresa right now if he could.

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Teresa and Joe’s reunion aired on the season 10 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey in February.

at the time, viewers witnessed saw the former couple choosing to end their marriage on the series after she opted not to sleep in the same bed as her estranged husband.

“That was my moment of insight. I felt rejected,” Joe wrote via Instagram about the episode.

“This is the first time while filming a scene, I had severe anxiety and grief. I was [locked] up for four years, any human would have a psychological impact of prison life.

This was the moment, I knew deep in my heart she was being difficult with me for a reason. My wife has never said no to sleeping with me. I had to walk away.

"I don’t have resentment against her (her emotions are justified). It was off guard should have been private.”

Joe Giudice Mocks the Lockdown

In related news, production on the Real Housewives of New Jersey has been suspended amid the coronavirus pandemic,.

However, Teresa will return for season 11.