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Late last week, Teresa Giudice’s father passed away. Giacinto Gorga was 76 years old and was beloved by many.

To that end, Teresa Giudice and her closest family held a memorial for Nonno, and shared part of it with fans.

Photo via Instagram

Teresa Giudice shared a moving video to Instagram, capturing part of the memorial for her beloved Nonno.

"Today we set you free," she captioned the post.

She wrote for her dearly departed father to "fly high to Mommy."

Her words were then beautifully illustrated in video itself.

The video shows Nonno’s grandchildren — from Teresa and from her brother, Joe Gorga — assembled in mourning.

As a somber Italian ballad plays in the background, the children wait … and then open a basket.

Out of the basket fly doves, who circle in the air and then fly off.

Birds have held spiritual and religious significance in Italian culture for millennia. It is a poignant moment.

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Some may have been critical of the family for appearing to forego social distancing.

However, a careful look shows that some were standing far in the background.

Only the cousins were standing close to one another.

Some fans have suggested that Teresa and her girls may have been socially isolating alongside Joe’s family this whole time, making this a fine choice.

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"My father, my protector, my hero," Teresa wrote on Instagram last week. "God took you early this morning to be with Mommy."

"I saw you peacefully pass & I know you kept fighting for my daughters and I," she expressed.

Teresa wrote: "I have so many amazing thoughts of you."

She recalled "every day seeing you in the kitchen at my home, teaching my girls to cook."

Teresa Giudice is Apprehensive

Teresa referred to her late father as "my partner in crime on shopping trips, your love of the shore & my travel buddy."

"You always wanted everyone to have a good time," she acknowledged.

Teresa noted her father’s desire for everyone to "eat great food, have a stiff drink, and enjoy life."

"You are the absolute strongest man I know & I know you missed mommy so much but you stayed for us," she praised.

Teresa Giudice on Good Morning America

"Thank you for being the best husband, father & Nonno," Teresa gushed.

"Your devotion to mommy was one for the record books," she praised.

"You were the true example and a gentleman and devoted husband," Teresa assessed.

She noted: "You visited mommy every single day & would go twice for the days you missed while traveling or if you were to sick to go."

Teresa then very sweetly wrote: "my silver lining is knowing you’ll be together now."

She also thanked her late father for showing her and her entire family what true love really looks like.

Nonno’s impact upon Teresa and her family cannot be understated. Her daughters have already lost so much over the past year.

We hope that the beautiful memorial will help to give them the closure that they all need to process and cope with this tragic loss.