Teresa Giudice Throws Drink, Tantrum After Being Called Out on RHONJ

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At first, the only thing more stunning than Danielle's hair-pulling assault on Margaret Josephs was learning that Teresa told Danielle to do it.

In startling new footage, Teresa is confronted with the truth. Her response is to lash out, and it's incredibly unbecoming.

RHONJ stars party and drink outside

We all remember the harrowing brawl at the clothing boutique.

Danielle viciously pulled Margaret Josephs and dragged her.

It later came out that Teresa Giudice had been the Iago in the situation, egging on Danielle unseen and unheard by the others.

Danielle admitted to Melissa Gorga that Teresa had encouraged her, and in this sneak peek clip, Melissa shares Danielle's claims with the group.

Teresa Giudice is Apprehensive

"She said that?" Teresa replies after a much-too-lengthy stunned silence.

"I don't believe it," Margaret quickly assures her. "You would never do that!"

Dolores quickly opines: "This is Danielle 101. She's making stories up as they went along!"

Melissa isn't so sure, though. She's seen how Teresa tensed up, and asks her very directly: "Is she lying?"

Melissa Gorga Gets Confrontational

"I don't even... I remember her saying something to me... I don't know..." Teresa stammers awkwardly.

Absolutely everyone is mortified.

"I was drinking," Teresa protests, trying to defend herself, "And everything happened so fast."

The collective face journey of shock, horror, disgust, and betrayal ... well, we just had to preserve it in gif format.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Feel Shocked and Betrayed

"I'm a little freaked out. I'm not gonna lie," a stunned and betrayed Margarert admits.

"Why would you ever tell her to pull my hair?" she asks. "How sick is that?"

"You f--king love this girl so much that you're gonna f--king just let her hurt me? For what? For what?" Margaret demands to know.

"You're a real f--king a--hole," she accuses Teresa. "I'm like f--king freaked out."

Margaret Josephs Chews Out Teresa Giudice

"This is your f--king friend? This is who you wanna associate with?" Margaret asks.

"She just threw you under the bus in front of the f--king world to save her own f--king ass," she points out. "How sick is that?"

Dolores chimes in: "You have been going to bat for [Danielle] since day one, and look what the f--k she just did to you."

It might have come out when the season aired anyway, since Teresa's "do it" was caught on camera. But through Danielle, it's much more dramatic.

Jennifer Aydin is Stunned by Teresa Giudice

An emotionally wounded Margaret storms off, furious that Teresa is still standing there.

"I mean, I feel bad," Teresa protests in the mean time.

Thinking of the cameras, Teresa says: "I hope they don't use this."

Melissa both realistically and correctly warns her: "They are gonna use it."

Teresa Giudice Flips Off Producers

Instead of being angry with Melissa for bringing it up, with Danielle for spilling the beans, or herself for doing it, she gets mad at producers.

She turns and flips off one of the camera people.

She then tosses her solo cup, showering others with its contents. She storms off, knocking over other cups as she goes.

Pursued by producers, Teresa furiously walks up the stairs.

Teresa Giudice Snaps, Throws Her Drink, Storms Off

"What did she throw that for?" Dolores asks, bewildered.

"She's pissed at the producers," Melissa explains.

Well, well, Teresa, if it isn't the consequences of your own actions.

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