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Months before The Real Housewives of New Jersey were reacting to Teresa separating from Joe, they were reacting to each other.

An intense confrontation between Margaret and Danielle turned violent when Danielle grabbed Margaret’s hair and dragged her.

The Housewives were out shopping. We all know that rich people can be obnoxious, but no high end clothing store expects to host a brawl.

Things were already heating up between Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs when Margeret’s friend tried to pull her out of the verbal spat.

Jackie Goldschneider advised Margaret that Danielle was "not worth it" because, well, "she’s a piece of s–t."

Danielle flipped out, exclaiming: "I’m not worth it?! I’m a piece of s–t?!" She waved her finger in Margaret’s face.

Margaret was quick to furiously establish a boundary, demanding to Danielle: "Don’t f–king touch me!"

Seeing her chance to convince Teresa of Danielle’s true nature, Margaret spoke of her to Teresa.

She characterized: "Teresa, she’s been dragged and ridden hard, and that’s all I have to say."

Danielle heard that, and fired: "Oh, baby, and so have your f–king titties! You should get ’em done!"

Margaret’s response was simple and a clear escalation: she overturned her water onto Danielle’s head.

Again, they are just in a normal upscale clothing outlet. Other customers were just there to shop.

"Did I hit a nerve?!" Danielle asked. "Did I f–king hit a f–king nerve, you f–king c–t?!"

One ill turn deserves another, Danielle decided, because she didn’t settle for hurling the C-word at Margaret.

Danielle snatched Margaret’s purse, but her intent was more than simple thievery.

Taking to a coffee table in that same store (again, a clothing store that was open for business), Danielle emptied the purse’s contents.

Some of the items were deliberately broken during the process.

Those that weren’t, she dumped onto a candle, hoping to burn or otherwise ruin them.

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice watched on in wonder as this extremely bad behavior went down.

"We’re f–king even!" Danielle announced as Margaret walked over to quietly collect her destroyed, singed belongings.

"Watch your back, b–ch!" she added. "You started it? I’ll f–king finish it. Don’t you ever f–king come for me again, you f–king whore!"

Dolores rushed over to help with the cleanup while an understandably mortified Melissa apologized to everyone, especially retail employees.

Melissa blew up at Danielle about feeling embarrassed, saying: "Yes, I f–king am! This is nuts! Are you not?!"

Danielle challenged her, asking: "Did you see what she did to me?!"

Despite Jennifer’s pleas that Teresa not get involved, she got up in Melissa’s face, pointing at Margaret.

"That’s your f–king friend!" she shouted. "She started it! You f–king poured the water! Why would you f–king do that?!"

Margaret gave Danielle a withering look and told her to "Take your drowned rat self and go back in your hole and go."

Danielle fired back that Margaret should go ahead and "go with your white f–king ponytail."

"You can’t even bleach it anymore your hair’s so f–king broken!" she claimed. "I just can’t help myself anymore. I really can’t."

This is when Danielle strolled across the room, grabbed Margaret by the ponytail, and began dragging her as the screen went dark. Yikes.

Call me a weeb for this remark if you like, but this still gives me flashbacks to how anime episodes end. Danielle is so over-the-top.

Also, did you know that assault is a crime?

On the aftershow, Margaret expressed embarassment and regret over the entire incident.

Danielle expressed no regrets, and said that destroying some of Margaret’s possessions the way that she did made her feel good.