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Viewers of The Real Housewives of New Jersey were all horrified to see Danielle Staub drag Margaret Josephs by the hair.

She went way too far, no question.

Now, Danielle has revealed that Teresa Giudice was egging her on before the assault — and it was all caught on video.

Photo via Bravo

As you can see in this brief clip that we have included, Melissa Gorga sat down with Danielle to deliver a difficiult message.

She tells Danielle that no one wants her around because she is "violent."

Danielle fires back, asking: "Does that include Teresa?"

"Teresa also knows that I’m here," Melissa replies. "Teresa does enjoy your company. I think you make her laugh, Danielle."

"But you know what?" Melissa tells her. "I don’t think Teresa’s in her right mind right now, let’s be honest. …"

She asks: "Do you think you’re the right person for her if you’re gonna go and pull people’s hair in her presence?"

"I think we’d all had a lot to drink. I was also influenced. I was done when I emptied Margaret’s bag in the candle," Danielle explains.

"I was finished," she says. "But then Steven told me I should go pull her hair."

"Steven, the owner of the boutique?" Melissa asks, seeking clarification.

"Yeah," Staub admits. "When Steven said do it, I hesitated, and then I looked at Teresa and she said, ‘Yeah, do it.’"

"So you’re saying Teresa told you to pull her hair?" a genuinely flummoxed Melissa asks.

Danielle replies: "Yes." We then see video of exactly what Danielle just described.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jackie Goldschneider challenged the other gals to a beer-drinking contest and won … if you consider drinking beer to be a win.

Jennifer Aydin teased her: "You know how to suck a bottle, but you can’t suck a dick?!"

See, Jackie had recently admitted that she doesn’t have much oral sex in her marriage, but clearly did not appreciate having it brought up.

"I can’t even with her. It’s offensive," Margaret Josephs expressed, aghast.

Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Aydin Fight
Photo via Bravo

Jennifer told Margaret to "relax" because, after all, "it was a joke."

"Jennifer, read the room! You’ve offended many people, and you did offend me this morning," Margaret fired back.

Jennifer then opined that Magaret, not she, is the one who is "always starting" conflicts.

The subject moved to Teresa, which then spiraled into some vicious discourse about motherhood and working.

Margaret Josephs On The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Photo via Bravo

"Well, do you work?" Margaret asks Jennifer, challenging her.

This is when Jennifer’s husband, Bill, comes to her defense, correctly saying: "Every mom works."

"I may not get paid for my job, but I work," Jennifer replies.

Bill correctly opines: "It is a freaking profession."

Jennifer Aydin Promotes The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Photo via Tommy Garcia/Bravo

"You don’t work outside the home," Margaret clarifies.

"Bitch, I work a 14-hour day, honey!" Jennifer says. "It doesn’t end until my kids go to sleep, and then I’m off the clock."

"I don’t know what type of mother you were," Jennifer asks, "but I’m a very hands-on mother."

Margaret’s strained relationship with her stepchildren (because she cheated on their dad, whoops) is no secret. She was pissed.

Margaret Josephs
Photo via Bravo

"You just insulted my mothering skills," Margaret accuses. "You said you don’t know what kind of mother I was."

"I don’t. That’s just a fact," Jennifer retorts.

"Because of everything that you’re going through now," she asks, "everyone’s supposed to feel bad and coddle your feelings?"

Melissa speaks up, warning Jennifer that she’s "going into extremely dangerous territory." It’s true.

Jennifer Aydin in Oklahoma
Photo via Instagram

"I pull myself up by my bootstraps. Do I ever ask anybody to coddle my feelings?" Margaret fires at Jennifer, while beginning to stand.

She then describes Jennifer as "A girl who f–king never worked a day in her life?!"

"Oh my God, why don’t you sit down?!" Jennifer yells, only to be answered by more yelling and some finger-waving.

"The only achievement you’ve ever had is marrying someone rich! You’re lucky he stays with you!" Margaret screeches, horrifying everyone else.

Photo via Bravo

Jennifer yells: "You need to stop taking things so seriously!"

Margaret maybe realized that she had gone too far, because she finally, too late, decided to bite her tongue.

Jennifer did not, and yelled: "Fred Flinstone called! He wants his outfit back! Biotch!" in reference to Margaret’s cheetah print.

Margaret replied that Jennifer was "classless" and "disgusting."

There are really, truly no heroes in this story. Everybody sucks.