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As we showed you in a previous sneak peek, Teresa Giudice threw her drink and a tantrum when her bad behavior was brought to light.

On this week’s RHONJ, she ended her friendship with Danielle Staub and tells her husband Joe that their marriage is effectively over.

Teresa Giudice is Apprehensive
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"She said that?" Teresa asked after a too-long pause after Melissa Gorge tells the group that Danielle said that Teresa told her to pull Margaret’s hair.

After a while, and only after pressure from Melissa, Teresa stammered: "I don’t even… I remember her saying something to me… I don’t know…"

"I was drinking," she eventually said in her defense. "And everything happened so fast."

The faces of shock and horror at Teresa’s reluctant admission … well, we just had to turn that into a gif.

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"I’m a little freaked out. I’m not gonna lie," Margaret Josephs admitted. "Why would you ever tell her to pull my hair?"

"How sick is that?" she asked Teresa. "You f–king love this girl so much that you’re gonna f–king just let her hurt me?"

"For what? For what? You’re a real f–king asshole," Margaret accused. "I’m like f–king freaked out."

Her freakout is understandable, especially because it came just moments after she told Teresa that she knew that she’d never tell Danielle to hurt her.

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"This is your f–king friend? This is who you wanna associate with?" Margaret demanded to know.

"She just threw you under the bus in front of the f–king world to save her own f–king ass," she pointed out. "How sick is that?"

This is when Dolores chimed in: "You have been going to bat for [Danielle] since day one, and look what the f–k she just did to you."

A distressed and betrayed Margaret stormed off.

Margaret Josephs Chews Out Teresa Giudice

"I mean, I feel bad," Teresa meekly expressed. The whole time, she looked like a deer in headlights.

Noticing the cameras, she added: "I hope they don’t use this."

Melissa pointed out the obvious: "They are gonna use it." It’s literally why the cameras are there, Tre.

At this, Teresa freaked out, flipped off the camera, threw her drink, knocked over other drinks, and stormed away, furious with the producers.

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"You guys are f–king a–holes," she declared at the camera operators. "I’m going home!"

"Leave me the f–k alone!" Teresa demanded as the cameras and producers followed her. "I’m so f–king mad right now."

She then shared that she was "calling an Uber and going home" in the hopes that she would be able to "calm down."

Sort of odd to say that you’re the one who needs to calm down when you’re the bad guy in the situation.

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Margaret had to ask the obvious question.

She wondered if Teresa was upset "because she looks like an a–hole to everybody, or because she really hurt me?"

Melissa offered that Teresa was "embarrassed."

Well, that much is true.

Teresa initially refused to appear on camera, leaving her friends to plead with her through the door.

Dolores advised her to make this right by apologizing to Margaret.

She also wisely suggested that Teresa cut ties with Danielle.

Melissa acknowledged that Teresa has a lot of stress at home and within her family, but echoed the sentiment that she should stop associating with Danielle.

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"Alright, maybe you did me a favor for going to meet with her," Teresa admitted to Melissa as she opened the door.

"I guess you guys were all f–king right," she acknowledged. "Believe me, I was happy that Danielle stuck up for herself."

"She never stuck up for herself," Teresa pointed out.

"I’m just really upset right now ’cause of Margaret," she explained. "I feel like I let her down. I just wanna leave."

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Teresa told the camera the same thing that she had told her friends, that she had been "drinking a lot" and that it all happened so quickly.

"I’m not gonna lie," she added in the confessional, "I was angry at Margaret."

"I never thought anybody would get hurt," Teresa emphasized.

She acknowledged: "I wasn’t even thinking."

"I’m really upset, Danielle," Teresa said after calling her. "Melissa just told me what you did."

"Honey, don’t be mad about this, please," pleaded Danielle. 

Teresa countered: "I am! Don’t be mad? ‘Cause now Margaret’s gonna think that I told you to hurt her."

"But you agreed with it," Danielle argued. 

Teresa hit back: "I didn’t agree with attacking someone. That was your f–king decision, and then afterwards, what did I tell you afterwards?"

"You said I shouldn’t have done it," Danielle admitted. "You wish I hadn’t done it."

Teresa expressed: "I’m so mad at myself. I don’t ever wanna hurt anybody again. It’s f–ked up. I’m not like that."

"Don’t be mad at me, Tre. Don’t let this come between us," Danielle begged her, 

"I wish you all the best, I just don’t wanna be friends anymore," Teresa told her. "I had enough. Alright, bye." 

She then hung up the phone just as Danielle was telling her that she loves her.

Oh no this actually made me sad. Like, it’s good that Teresa then apologized to Margaret, but still.

Meanwhile, we then see Teresa on her family trip to Italy to see Joe, where Joe finds out that his sleeping arrangements are not as expected.

"Well, I mean, were you expecting to sleep with me?" an incredulous Teresa asks him, followed by an uncomfortable silence.

Joe eventually breaks the silence with: "I mean, we got what 20 years in our marriage?"

Joe Giudice Realizes That It's Over
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"Alright, Joe, listen," Teresa reasons. "We haven’t been together in almost four years, so it’s kinda weird, right?"

Joe senses what’s happening, and says: "I don’t know, I mean, it’s been a long time, you know?"

She advises him: "You need to, like, slow it down."

"Alright, listen," Joe replies, "by the end of this trip, things could change. Who the hell knows?"

"I think Joe wants to be a couple again, but I haven’t been happy with Joe for a long time," Teresa explains to the camera.

"But when I first got married to Joe, everything was great," she affirms.

"And I truly do not want to hurt him," Teresa adds, "but sometimes, you can’t get over what happened, and you just need to move on."

Joe suggests that they could keep the marriage alive somehow.

He says that they could "get on a plane and we meet places, that’s all. And we have fun. And that’s what we do. We make things work."

"I don’t want that," Teresa tells him. "I want somebody with me every single day."

Joe notes that his deportation case is still technically open, and wants to wait it out, saying: "Maybe it’ll make our relationship stronger,"

Joe Giudice is Visibly Sad
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"The past five years have been really dark," Teresa tells him. "You’ve said a lot of hurtful things to me."

She recalls: "you wish you would’ve never married me and all this other stuff. It just makes me think about a lot of things."

"You know, you marry somebody, and they’re supposed to protect you," Teresa argues. "I don’t know. I trusted you, and you made s–t happen."

Joe then asks her if she just wants to "end it now."

"Do you want me to lie to you?" she asks. When he says "no," she states: "I guess that’s it."

"It’s so infuriating to me," Teresa tells the camera. "After four years of both of us doing time, he still does not take responsibility for what he’s done. He hasn’t changed."

That said, neither of them seem to know how they’ll tell their four daughters about this development.