Teen Mom's Butch Keeps Up With The Kardashians, Loves Kourtney

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When you take a leave of absence for 4 years, you miss out on a lot.

Mainly, you miss out on several episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Butch, Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra's dad, was released from a four-year prison sentence in August, just in time for his son's wedding to longtime girlfriend Catelynn Lowell.


"I used to watch the Kardashians, not too much anymore," Butch admitted in a bonus clip on MTV.com

"Kim kind of faded away a little bit," he declared as he cooked himself some eggs.  "Got married to Kanye."

Yes, yes she did.  And she's very arty now.

"Now, Kylie Jenner, and her lip fillers thing?" a perceptive Butch inquired.

"I know she has lip gloss but these kids took it to a whole different...realm!  They're trying to use suction things to bring their lips out or something.  

"I see some pictures of these young women, or young girls that were trying to puff their lips out and they didn't look too happy!" Butch said as he slumped his shoulders forward. made a sour-puss face.

Classic Butch.

Moving on to 2015's hottest topic...

"Bruce, Bruce," Butch said pensively.

"Or Caitlyn, Caitlyn! or whatever you want to call yourself.  Jenner.  You just kinda flipped the script on us.

"Hey, you're doin' what you wanna do, I guess.  I can't judge.  Who am I to judge?

"If you're happy, you're right where you wanna be, well, I'm glad it's you and it ain't me."

Then it came time for some tough love.  Butch is not pleased with Scott Disick's antics as of late.

"I think Scott's a f---king cry baby little bitch, scuse my language," Butch said.

He's got it going on, Hey.  He's got a restaurant in New York [actually, Butch, that closed], he's got a lotta shi-t goin' on.  

"But you lost a beautiful *wife," Butch said to Scott through the camera.

"I think Kourtney is the prettiest Kardashian there was, anyway.  And still is," Butch admitted.

"You f--ked up, bro.  You f--ked up."

I think the Kardashians would agree with you on that one, Butch.

*Scott and Kourtney aren't actually married.

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