Taylor Swift Releases "Call It What You Want," Praises Joe Alwyn!

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Taylor Swift, whether you love her or hate her or somehow manage to be indifferent, is back.

She's owning the "snake" label and turning it back on her detractors. Her new album comes out sooner that you could believe.

But you don't have to wait that long, because she's dropped a brand new single -- and you can listen to it, below.

Taylor Swift Rocks

What was the first thing that you did this morning? (Wait, don't answer that)

The first thing that I did this morning was check my phone, and I'd received an iTunes email telling me that a new Taylor Swift song was available.

YouTube had already notified me that she had a new video available. It's a lyrics video, but still -- it's the debut of her new song.

Taylor has been teasing the track all week, on social media platforms like Instagram and Tumblr.

(Taylor is known to interact directly with superfans and address them by name on Tumblr in particular)

This song, "Call It What You Want," is only the fourth single that Taylor has unveiled from her new album, Reputation.

As we mentioned, in addition to the iTunes release, the song came out in a lyric video on YouTube.

We'll be honest, it's the weakest of Taylor's new singles ... but it's also quite possibly the most informative.

Joe Alwyn

See, "Call It What You Want" is widely believed to be about Joe Alwyn.

Note that Taylor's previous single, "Gorgeous," which possibly includes North West's voice in order to taunt Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is also basically universally believed to be about her current boyfriend.

Seriously, the whole song sounds like gushing over Joe Alwyn, if not by name.

That was "Gorgeous." In "Call It What You Want," Taylor gets to that ... but first, before she gets into the relationship stuff, she talks about how she was wronged.

"My castle crumbled overnight / I brought a knife to a gunfight / They took the crown, but it's alright."

Her career spiraled out of control, as she predicted when she first expressed to Kanye that she was leery of him mentioning her in his song.

(Which we know from the shadily edited recordings that Kim later leaked)

She speaks frankly about how she deliberately vanished from the public eye in order to let things cool down.

"All the liars are calling me one / Nobody's heard from me for months / I'm doing better than I ever was, 'cause."

Why is she now doing better, you wonder?

Taylor Swift, Call It What You Want

Here's the chorus:

"My baby's fit like a daydream."

We don't know of any photos of Joe Alwyn shirtless (which is weird, for an actor, right?), so we suppose that we'll just have to take Taylor's word for it about his fitness.

"Walking with his head down / I'm the one he's walking to."

Rumor has it that Taylor and Joe have been meeting covertly to avoid the public eye throughout their relationship.

"So call it what you want, yeah, call it what you want to."

Ah, yes, the part of the song with the song's title in it.

"My baby's fly like a jet stream / High above the whole scene / Loves me like I'm brand new."

The "high above the whole scene" line clearly refers to how they can avoid public judgments and rumors and haters by just being separate from them.

And the "loves me like I'm brand new" line, of course, refers to her reputation not being a factor in their relationship.

And then, again, the title.

"So call it what you want, yeah, call it what you want to."

Taylor Swift, Look What You Made Me Do

You guys, Reputation drops in one week -- on November 10th.

It will be interesting to see if her relationship with Tom Hiddleston made it into a song.

It will also be interesting to hear how aggressively she calls out Calvin Harris. Kim might have never had the opportunity to drop those recordings on Snapchat if Calvin hadn't thrown his little tantrum on Twitter first.

Anyway, we can hardly wait.

At last, when Reputation comes out, we'll know which song is our favorite.

And we'll get to see how it compares to 1989.

Taylor Swift
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