Sumit Singh Teases Huge Jenny Slatten Meltdown: Our Fight Was VERY Real!

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Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh are among the new and returning 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couples.

The Season 3 trailer teased one explosive moment between them.

Sumit's refusal to defy his parents made Jenny lose it, screaming that she's done and storming away.

It's all real, Sumit confirms on social media, while hinting that the fight did not ultimately tear them apart.

The Other Way S3 promo - Jenny Slatten adapts to Indian culture

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh's segments of the Season 3 teaser start off nicely enough.

(That is always the case)

Jenny is 63. Sumit is 33.

The Other Way S3 promo - Jenny Slatten willing to go to great lengths

Jenny is willing to go to great lengths to avoid having to leave India again.

She has been extending and re-extending her tourist visa throughout the pandemic.

She is learning more about Indian culture, but she can only remain permanently if she marries Sumit.

The Other Way S3 promo - Jenny Slatten sees a lot of monkeys around

Sumit's parents do not like Jenny or approve of their union.

However, his mother, Sahna, will reportedly offer to "teach" Jenny to be a more traditional Indian wife to Sumit.

One can imagine that going over about as well for Jenny as India's urban wildlife does.

The Other Way S3 promo - Jenny Slatten startled by monkeys

But the climax of the trailer appears to be a potential breaking point for the couple.

Sumit refuses to marry Jenny because his parents will cut him out of their lives if he does (his mother even threatened to commit suicide).

And because Sumit is unwilling to ghost his toxic family, that leaves Jenny in an intolerable situation.

The Other Way S3 promo - Jenny Slatten came here to marry Sumit Singh

"I came here to marry you," Jenny reminds Sumit.

Extending the tourist visa cannot last forever, even if COVID-19 continues to ravage communities across the globe.

Jenny hopes that Sumit will finally make the right choice so that she will "never have to leave India again."

The Other Way S3 promo - Jenny Slatten hopes to never have to leave India again

Unfortunately, the idea that family is entirely voluntary hasn't quite reached Sumit.

In his mind, being cut off from his parents -- no matter how miserable they have made him -- is not an option.

Feeling trapped even though he's a grown man who can make his own choices, Sumit thinks that there's nothing that he can do.

The Other Way S3 promo - Sumit Singh cannot change the situation

"But I cannot change the situation," Sumit mistakenly claims in the trailer.

This appears to set off Jenny, though her fury may come later in the actual conversation.

She yells about how intolerable the situation is.

The Other Way S3 promo - Jenny Slatten won't keep coming back every six months

Along with giving Sumit a piece of her mind, she yells "that's it!" and storms off, throwing a plastic chair in the process.

Obviously, people behave a little more dramatically on camera than they might in real life.

But it's clear that this is a pivotal moment from the two of them, and their next choices could impact both of their lives forever.

The Other Way S3 promo - Jenny Slatten won't be strung along anymore

Jenny and Sumit are known to engage with followers from time to time, giving life updates and answering questions.

“Seen the previews on the next show where Jen gets really upset with you Sumit, this for real?” a fan recently asked Sumit on Instagram.

Sumit's reply that yes, the fight and anger aren't the result of reality fakery or editing tricks -- it's the genuine article.

Jenny Slatten screams on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way Season 3 trailer

“We are a couple and couples do love EA and they to get mad at EA,” Sumit wrote.

“They fight with EA," he continued. "They get happy, sad, smile, cry, get mad every thing together."

“You are getting a chance to see all that,” Sumit explained.

The Other Way S3 promo - Jenny Slatten throws a chair

(Our guess is that "EA" should be "EO" as in Each Other)

Season 3 will premiere in just a few weeks.

Jenny and Sumit have been with this series from the start. It wouldn't be the same without their quest to be together.

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