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Just last week, Geno Doak was sentenced to 16 months behind bars following his crack cocaine arrest.

Meanwhile, Mama June Shannon has made tremendous strides in improving her life.

Fans wondered how she might cope with Geno’s incarceration, especially after it’s been ages since they were seen together.

Not to worry, she tells them: she and Geno are no longer in each other’s lives. It’s over!

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June Shannon was having a live conversation with a friend over social media.

As you can see in this included clip, her friend spoke about Geno Doak in no uncertain terms.

"Listen," she told June firmly, "Geno is not in the f–kin’ picture." That’s crystal clear!

Photo via WEtv

This was not merely June’s friend’s opinion, either.

She confirmed that he’s "not part of my life" and that he "hasn’t been" for some time.

If people want updates on Geno, they should check his Instagram page, she suggested, rather than ask her.

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Well, this certainly explains why it has been a hot minute since June and Geno were spotted together.

It has been many weeks — months, actually — since Geno appeared in one of the grandmother’s Instagram posts.

We don’t know exactly when this breakup took place, but it’s a good bet that it was very early this summer if not during the spring.

Photo via WEtv

What finally drove them apart?

They nearly died together during a lengthy and drug-fueled downward spiral.

They had fights so ugly that hotel rooms were wrecked. They lived in a car together. They went to rehab together.

June Shannon and Geno Doak Are BACK on the Premiere

If all of that didn’t break them up, what did?

Sometimes, people just grow apart, even after going through so much together.

Other times, going on a sobriety journey makes people realize that they want more for themselves.

Photo via WEtv

There is another angle to consider, one that has less to do with their relationship.

June betrayed her family on multiple levels during her downward spiral.

She ghosted them, she hid things from them, and in some cases, she sold off their property behind their backs.

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June’s behavior is explained by her use of drugs as a form of self-medication.

But those actions were choices, and an explanation is not the same thing as an excuse.

So even after becoming sober, June has had a justifiably uphill battle to wage in order to regain her family’s trust.

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One major point of contention, especially for Lauryn and for Alana, has been Geno.

June has been quick to point out that she had used various drugs, including meth, before she dated Geno.

But it’s no secret that they used drugs together, got worse together, or that June might have been willing to go to rehab sooner had Geno been out of the picture.

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Geno and June did get sober together. That will always be part of their shared history.

But June may have been faced with a difficult choice that wasn’t so difficult after all:

Did she want to be with Geno or did she want her family to trust her again?

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Obviously, dumping Geno would not be a magic bullet that fixes everything.

But it is possible that June might have been encouraged to dump him to show her family that she is serious about leaving bad habits in the past.

We don’t know exactly what happened or when, but … it sounds like this may have been for the best.