Sumit Singh: Divorced, but Parents Will NEVER Let Him Marry Jenny Slatten

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Sumit Singh wasn't the only 90 Day Fiance star having trouble with his disapproving parents this week.

His father straight up told him that he will legally prevent Sumit and Jenny from getting married.

Sumit Singh prepares for court

On this week's 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Sumit was preparing for court.

He'd been to court earlier this season, but Episode 18 saw him gearing up for a major court date.

With any luck, he'd end up divorced ... but that wasn't the end of his woes.

Sumit Singh - I'm still owing $10,000

Concerned that his in-laws would come up with another trick to throw at him, he headed to the courthouse.

Sumit had to pay the remaining $10,000 -- crowdfunded by his father -- to end the marriage.

Cameras were not allowed to follow him to court, so production had to wait for hours to find out how things went.

cameras were not allowed in the courtroom during sumit singh divorce

When cameras caught up with Sumit again, he didn't just tell producers the news.

He wanted Jenny to be the first to here, so he video chatted with her from his attorney's office.

There, cameras recorded him as he told Jenny the good news: he is officially a divorced man!

Sumit Singh - divorce is done

Sumit and Jenny weren't the only ones in a celebratory mood.

With his friend Rohit and his father, Sumit went out to celebrate.

Though his parents had forced him into the arranged marriage, they hated seeing how miserable he was.

Sumit Singh dad Anil - finally, it is over

Of course, Sumit's divorce came at a cost.

His parents supplied the total of $20,000 that he owed to his ex-wife's family under India's marriage system.

Even though the marriage was totally their fault, they expect Sumit to pay them back.

Sumit Singh dad Anil - it's not a small amount

To that end, Sumit hopes to find more gainful employment.

For some time, he has been working part time at the most, wanting to stay home for Jenny.

Jenny does not know the language or the area or the people, and they live in a rough neighborhood.

Sumit Singh - now, I can finally think about working

Now, however, Sumit needs to focus on providing for himself and for Jenny in addition to paying back his dad.

So he needs to get a job ... and plan his wedding to Jenny.

The two are very much in love and have been for years ... but also, if they don't marry soon, Jenny will have to leave.

Sumit Singh dad Anil - we will stop you legally (from marrying Jenny)

That would be just fine for Sumit's parents, as his dad told him under no uncertain terms even as they were celebrating Sumit's divorce.

See, in India, his parents can legally prevent him from marrying if they do not approve. A blessing isn't an archaic formality, but a must in order to move forward.

And Sumit's family will simply never approve of Jenny.

Sumit mom - I will never accept Jenny

Their reasons ultimately come down to her age.

She can't give Sumit any children, which is so important to some people, as if their children owed them grandchildren in the first place.

Sumit's parents seem obsessed with what others will think -- neighbors, family, strangers on the street, and they might let it ruin Sumit's life.

Sumit Singh friend Rohit - I will have a vacancy in a month or two

Sumit knows that there's nowhere to go but forward, so he applies for a job. Actually, he asks his friend Rohit for one.

Now, Rohit says that he'll have an opening in a month or two, but he can only pay $100 per week. That is ... not enough.

Sumit does agree to take the job, but knows that he'll have to work more in order to make up the difference between what that offers and what he needs.

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