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Steve Harvey knows a thing or two about giving the wrong answer.

But that doesn’t mean he has patience for for sheer stupidity.

During a recent episode of Family Feud, the question posed to various relatives was this: What’s another way people say mama?

When Harvey arrived at a contestant named Sheila, her loved one had already answered "mommy," which was on the board, and "nana," which was not.

So… how did Sheila respond?

"Nana," she gave as an answer, pronouncing the word slightly differently than her teammate did previously.

“Didn’t you say nana?” Harvey asked her relative, while attempting to decipher Sheila’s answer. “Was you trying to say it in Spanish or something?”

So a confused Harvey then asked her again, “What’s another way people say mother?”

And Sheila – AGAIN – replied with a previously submitted response.

“What about mommy?” she asked next, placing an emphasis on the second syllable.

Harvey, at a loss for words, then turned to the crowd and said, “This sh-t can’t be happening."

Safe to say this was the exact opposite from the best Family Feud answer in show history.

Watch the full interaction below and wonder how Harvey didn’t totally and completely lose his mind: