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She’s not a regular mom.  She’s a cool, yung mom.

In her latest attempt to stay relevant, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi made a music video title, "Yung Mommy."

Polizzi reminisces about her days on Jersey Shore and how far she’s come since then.  And by that, we mean getting knocked up by her then-boyfriend/now-husband Jionni LaValle.

"I used to be so wild; I was the life of the party. Now I’m all grown up so instead, they call me mommy," she raps.

"All these dudes were hopeless but then I met Jionni."

Life is full of surprises.

The video is actually kind of fun, and Polizzi does seem to be up for poking fun at herself.  The music video features extras from Dance Moms (I made that up, but it’s a safe assumption), as well as the red solo cups that served as Shore‘s staple stemware.

Polizzi also sings about "stretch marks," breastfeeding and "saggy nipples" as she dances in a leopard print bustier and black tutu.

Even the reality star herself told viewers that the video was made for a bit of a laugh.

"Hey guys, it’s Nicole—or should I say, Yung Mommy! LOL!" she wrote.

"The wait is finally over! Here it is—my music video for ‘Yung Mommy!’ Don’t take it too seriously—it’s just meant to be fun and funny, so I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think in the comments below."

Polizzi has reiterated time and time again that the song is meant to be fun, and not a serious attempt at breaking into the record business.

"Here it is. My first music video," she posted to Instagram on July 27th,

"I’ve decided to be an ass and record a song about my life and being a mom and shoot this fun and hysterical music video to go along with it. I hope I win a Grammy for this one.


It’s not the jam of the summer, but it could be the jam of late July?