Sister Wives Season 14 Trailer: Kody Brown Reveals a Nasty Surprise

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Fans are excited for Sister Wives to return on January 5. But in this trailer for the new season, the wives themselves are less than pleased.

Kody ambushes the entire family with his big dreams without consulting his spouses. And he gets a whole lot nastier. Take a look:

sister wives season 14 trailer 01

As the Season 14 trailer for Sister Wives begins, we see the entire Brown family lugging boxes, mattresses, and more.

"We just got to Flagstaff last night," Kody says. "The whole family's spread out."

They also note that they have purchased a sizable lot of land, and Kody has big plans for this and their family.

"We have a place called Coyote Pass," he says in a voiceover.

sister wives season 14 trailer 02

"The ultimate goal is to build on that land and get us all back together," Robyn explains. 

We then see a lot of family members, mostly the kids, jumping into some filthy brown water. Kody takes the opportunity to go shirtless.

But that happy montage can't last for long, as Meri Brown and her kids notice that they are being watched hawkishly by a neighbor.

They think that it's more than idle curiosity about who's moving in. They say that the issue is that Meri is in a plural marriage.

sister wives season 14 trailer 03

"They were not happy with our family being here," Meri reports. "They said they didn't want our family here."

The sister wives are understandably perplexed at what threat they could pose to this neighbor.

Remember, bigotry rarely makes sense. That said ... some wonder if the bigger issue may have been reality TV cameras.

Not everyone wants to be famous, or to live near someone who is. Either way, we know that this doesn't end well for poor Meri.

sister wives season 14 trailer 04

After a brief and fairly boring montage of last year's Christmas, things get serious. Janelle has been trying to sell their old homes in Vegas.

It was not going well (notably, we have reported on the family's financial frustrations), and Kody warns everyone that they could be ruined.

In addition to paying rent on several houses and also an office building, they're still paying mortgages on their unsold Vegas properties.

It's leading them to disaster. Reality stardom doesn't pay enough for one family to pay for more than half a dozen huge houses. Not for them.

sister wives season 14 trailer 05

This is where Kody starts dreaming big in a way that he hopes will resolve some of their finances and fulfill his long time wish.

He all but ambushes the entire family by putting on a presentation of a gorgeous mansion.

Kody's goal, he states, is for the literal entire family to dwell under one roof.

Some raise their objections immediately. It looks like Robyn is moved to tears -- in the bad way -- by the suggestion.

sister wives season 14 trailer 06

Kody immediately assumes that the sister wives are all just too jealous of him to want to see each other's faces.

But realistically, most people in plural relationships who all share a roof aren't just sleeping with one person in common.

In this case, they're only boning Kody, which means that, family or not, you have a lot of adults with different ideas.

Who wants to argue with four other people (at least) over thermostat settings? Who wants a house as crowded as a classroom?

sister wives season 14 trailer 07

"I'm not going to do it," Christine tells the camera, presumably about the house, "not for a second."

Robyn's real objection is that they don't need to live under one roof to be a family.

As we said, she cries over this. Anyone would feel distress at the idea of having no choice about their own home.

How hard is Kody willing ot push to make his dream home a reality? This season, we'll find out.

sister wives season 14 trailer 08

There's then some baby drama. Childbirth is always intense, even when it's not being filmed.

Speaking of filming, most couples counseling sessions are not on camera, but Kody and Meri's is.

Kdoy is clearly unafraid to speak his mind about how he can never be honest with Meri. Meri complains that he's making no effort with her.

It looks like the drama hasn't died down even after therapy.

sister wives season 14 trailer 09

Robyn actually speaks up for Meri, which seems to almost enrage Kody.

He verbally lays into her while they're standing around (possibly on the Coyote Pass property, but it's hard to tell).

Kody taunts her about having given her the "table scraps" of the other wives.

sister wives season 14 trailer 10

This is as good of a time as any for fans to remember that Kody initially took this reality gig to push for plural marriage legalization and acceptance.

The biggest obstacle has always been Kody, because he's a creep and a massive jerk.

There are plenty of plural relationships that deserve legal recognition and feature zero egomaniacal douchecanoes.

But they wouldn't be as dramatic to watch on TV, we suppose.

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