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Sister Wives is returning in early 2020, and we now have a good idea of what to expect from Season 14.

One of the most jarring moments is when one of the sister wives is run out of her own home by her own neighbors.

But which of the Brown women has lost her home thanks to an un-neighborly mob?

Hashtag Sister Wives

Let’s start at the beginning.

Sister Wives is returning for Season 14, which will premiere some time in January 2020.

On Sunday, November 10, TLC shared a now-elusive teaser for the new season.

One part of the upcoming drama really stood out: a sister wife forced to leave her rental property.

Kody Brown, 2 Wives

Now, as we all witnessed in Season 13 (and as we reported before that aired), the family uprooted itself from Vegas and moved to Arizona.

Kody, Christine, Meri, Robyn, and Janelle moved to Flagstaff, Arizona.

With a plan in mind to build their dream homes on purchased plots of land, the family rented a number of properties.

But one of those rental houses was apparently in the wrong neighborhood.

Kody Brown and Jenelle Brown

Of the four sister wives, we can rule out Christine from being the one who had to make a hasty retreat from her rented property.

Why? Because she’s not a renter.

Unfortunately, a lot of rental properties don’t allow pets (even though we all know that children can be way more destructive).

Since Christine was unable to find a suitable house that would accommodate her pets, she went ahead and purchased a home.

Kody Brown on the Spot

While we cannot rule out Janelle, we do already know that Meri and Robyn have moved out.

It has already been reported that they both left their rental properties.

In fact, apparently their respective landlords have gone on to sell both properties.

This makes them the two most likely culprits for the unrevealed sister wife driven from her home by unruly neighbors.

Meri Brown and Kody Brown Celebrate Her Birthday

Total shot in the dark? Our guess is that it might be Meri. She so often seems to have bad luck.

But we don’t actually know the details behind why exactly the neighbors were so irate.

The most obvious guesses are that they felt threatened by polygamists, or that they resented hving a reality star living nearby.

Again, those are the obvious guesses. Neighbors don’t always need an excuse to treat a newcomer like garbage.

Sister Wives Pic

If bigotry is the culprit, then it’s very relevant to why Sister Wives exists in the first place.

The Browns are no strangers to animosity due to their non-monogamous lifestyle.

Their form of plural marriage in inherently unequal — one man with multiple wives, rather than one wife with multiple husbands.

But consenting adults in any form of polyamorous relationship deserve to be allowed to live their lives without fear of losing their home.

Meri Brown and Christine Brown

On the positive side for the Brown family, they have financial means that many who might face oppression for their relationships do not possess.

Their funds are not unlimited — in fact, it looks like a financial disaster is imminent — but the family has the resources to avoid anyone experiencing homelessness.

We have to say that, despite how many feel about Kody Brown himself, this season may have people tuning in just to find out what crawled up the neighbors’ butts.

I know that I’m curious to see how this all played out.