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I don’t know how these women do it.

Dealing with the emotional ickiness of having to share a husband with three other women is bad enough.

But having to fight over dominance on who gets to plan Thanksgiving?

These are the everyday peccadillos that vex a polygamous family such as the Browns.

In a clip for Sister Wives, the ladies are making preparations for Thanksgiving, but Meri and Janelle are at odds.

"You’ve come empty handed!" Meri exclaims when Janelle walks in the room. "I thought the plan was we had ideas."

Meri was already hard at work, trimming decorations for the dinner, but Janelle had a different perception of their meeting’s goals.

"When I walked into Meri’s I was just surprised how much she bought already," she reveals in her confessional. "Wow… I thought we were still in the planning stages."

"She’s got dishes and she’s got everything. She’s already got it."

The pair bicker over the settings before Janelle admits that she’s "challenged" when it comes to "artsy-craftsy stuff."

Meri explains that there’s a lot of work to do and she needs help, and Janelle tells her she wants to be really hands-on.

"I’m swimming a little bit because I really wanted to be more in on the planning part, but I’m conflicted because I like what she’s chosen," Janelle says to camera.

"It sort of feels like the project’s getting away from me now, like it’s becoming a little bit more Meri’s project."

Meri seems to know that her sister wife lacks the Martha Stewart gene and deems the project "overwhelming" for her.

The scene depicts passive-aggressiveness at its finest.

This episode was shot last year, but in the time since we’re learned a number of developments about the family.

In fact, it sounds like holiday woes are just the tip of the iceberg, because both Meri and Janelle are rumored to be leaving the show – and their "husband" Kody Brown.

Earlier this month, Kody got some bad news when a Utah judge denied his request to make plural marriages legal.

Sounds like the women are cool with that.

Watch the tension unfold below: