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Chewbacca doesn’t do much talking in the Star Wars films, but somehow, viewers always know what’s on his mind.

Similarly, bubbly mother of two Candace Payne only needs her infectious laugh and some well-placed sound effects to communicate that she really, really loves her new Chewie mask.

As she tells her "friends on the Internet webs" in the clip below, Mrs. Payne stopped by Kohl’s this week in order to drop off come clothes that were the wrong size.

(They were too big, thank you very much!)

In turns out that the Force was very much with her on this otherwise uneventful day, as it was there that Candace discovered the mask that has made her a viral sensation.

If you’ve had a hard week, we recommend you immediately stop whatever it is that you’re doing and bask in the rays of Candace’s pure childlike joy.

As one Reddit user put it, "I’ve never enjoyed anything as much as this woman loves this mask."

Unless you’re an 8-year-old who’s currently at Disney World, there’s no way your joy level is anywhere near Candace’s.

This is every bit as amusing as the Chewbacca toilet paper dispenser that entertained us more than we care to admit last year.

While Candace makes it clear that the mask is very much hers, she says she will allow her kids to play with it. 

However, we doubt they’ll get as big of a kick out of it as she does, so hands off, Duncan and Cadence!

“I’m such a happy Chewbacca,” Payne tells the camera at one point.

We can see that, Candace. We can see that.