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If the clips we’ve seen so far are anything to go by, this new season of Sister Wives is going to be one hell of a ride.

Yesterday, we saw a clip of Kody and Meri Brown fighting over their broken relationship and that one time that Meri got catfished.

Things got so bad that Kody didn’t even want to continue the conversation without the assistance of their therapist.

According to Kody, Meri had told him to get out of her life, and according to Meri, Kody had told her that he wasn’t willing to cross a burning bridge for her.

Honestly, we’re not sure if that was supposed to be a metaphor or not.

Kody Brown on TLC
Photo via TLC

But Kody’s communication is a whole lot clearer in this new sneak peek from the season premiere.

In the clip, Kody, along with Janelle and Christine, accompanies his daughter, Maddie, on a meeting with a wedding planner.

The idea of serving alcohol at the wedding comes up, though really it’s more of a plan — Maddie is pretty dead set on having booze be a part of her special day.

The issue, though, is that Mormons typically aren’t down with drinking.

And Kody wants to make sure that everyone is totally aware of that.

Check out the completely bizarre footage of Kody in the video below: