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After a six-month engagement, Sister Wives star Maddie Brown married Caleb Brush over the weekend.

Maddie’s dad, Kody Brown, officiated the wedding, which took place in Bozeman, Montana.

Her mom Janelle, one of Kody’s four wives, was also in attendance with the rest of the family.

Maddie wore a traditional white strapless wedding gown while Caleb wore khakis.

Yes, he wore khakis to his own wedding.

"I can cut a rug on a dance floor in khakis better than a monkey suit," he told Us Weekly.

Listen, I could certainly dance more effectively barefoot and in biker shorts, but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for a wedding.

But Maddie didn’t seem bothered, so no biggie.

We saw Maddie announce her engagement on the reality show during its season premiere last month.

"I’m pretty excited," the bride told Us. "It doesn’t feel real."

The couple posted the video below to the Sister Wives Facebook page, shot just after the rehearsal dinner.

In the vid, they thank fans for support and all the marriage advice.

Advice like, perhaps, please oh please don’t bring other women into your marriage like your mom and dad did?

At this point, it seems Maddie and Caleb don’t plan to go that route.

“I’m not one to live plural marriage,” she said during a TLC special last November.

Apparently, Maddie took one look at the crackpot life of her father with his multiple wives and 17 kids between them and said, NOPE, not for me.

Good thing, because a court recently denied Kody’s request to decriminalize polygamy in the state of Utah.