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On this week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, the conflict between Heather and Noella took a back seat.

After last week ended with Gina Kirschenheiter and Shannon Beador going head to head, the drama continued.

Shannon accused Gina of being a bad friend, making her of doing all of the work, and of having an inflated ego.

On top of comically misusing a term, Shannon furiously demanded that Gina "get on her level." The results were explosive.

Shannon had several bones to pick with Gina — no surprise, given their conflict in recent seasons.

It wasn’t just that she felt that Gina believed that she envied her.

Shannon also resented what she remembered as Gina implying that she had no friends (not quite what Gina actually said).

Shannon lamented that she had been doing all of the work between the two of them.

After all, when was the last time that Gina invited her to something?

Meanwhile, Shannon had invited her to many things.

Gina countered that she had not invited anyone to anything in recent years, because her life had sucked.

As for inviting Shannon, her plan had been to invite her to the launch party, but this confrontation was giving her second thoughts.

Shannon fired back that she did not want that held over her head.

That particular Sword of Damocles aside, Shannon just felt like Gina hadn’t been making an effort.

At best, Shannon sending all of the invites made this a one-sided friendship.

But it’s pretty questionable whether they could even be considered "work friends" at this point.

Shannon wasn’t the only one who felt that the other was being a bad friend.

Gina is so, so tired of Shannon talking about Gina’s personal drama, including her DUI.

That charge — from three years ago, by the way — is not really a fun topic for her.

Brilliantly, the scene continued to cut away to where Emily Simpson and Heather Dubrow were chatting elsewhere at the same party.

For the most part, they couldn’t hear what Shannon and Emily were saying, but they touched on similar topics.

Heather recalled having heard all about Gina’s divorce and DUI on the day that they met — but it wasn’t entirely Gina’s doing.

Meanwhile, Gina explained to Shannon that she was now in a different, better place in her life.

She has been trying to move on.

This is why it bothers her so much when Shannon seems to delight in the topic.

Sure enough, we did get a flashback to Heather and Gina meeting.

Yes, the DUI came up.

Shannon seemed to light up when talking about it.

Shannon absolutely deserves thanks for connecting Gina with a helpful attorney.

But gleefully telling Heather how she "saved" Gina from being arrested … was a lot.

Sometimes, you make a better impression on everyone involved when you wait for praise to come your way instead of generating your own.

Frankly, Gina told Shannon, it all feels mean, and she has been hoping that Shannon would stop being mean to her.

She knows what Shannon is doing, too.

The motive is self-promotion, and Gina told her that plainly … which really set her off.

Shannon once again attacked Gina, accusing her of having a massive ego.

"Put a pin in it!" she demanded, miming driving a pin into her own head as if to pop a balloon.

That is … not what that phrase means. 

Emily, Heather, and Dr. Jen all know what the phrase means.

As they explained while roasting Shannon from just a few dozen feet away, it means to hold off on a conversation — tabling a topic for another time.

Shannon is a grown woman. It’s baffling that she has been misusing this phrase so much without being corrected.

Truth be told, Gina confessed to Shannon, she felt sorry for her, adding: "I’m not going to circle the drain with you."

Clearly, she was very visibly done with the conversation.

To really drive home that message, Gina stood up, ready to eagerly walk away.

Shannon demanded that Gina get on her "level," that she "put a pin" in her ego.

She also called her a "f–king asshole," later complaining that she had been "nothing but f–king kind" to Gina.

Of course, when it came time for Gina’s launch party, things were much more peaceful.