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The on-screen tensions between The Real Housewives of Orange County this season was just the beginning.

The midseason trailer is out, and Bravo did not hold back.

Explosive feuds, tearful breakups, and chilling screams are packed into such a short teaser.

It has been years since we’ve seen someone clap back at Heather Dubrow like this. Check it out:

Photo via Bravo

As the midseason 16 trailer begins, Emily Simpson disturbs the quiet in Aspen.

On a trip, she very loudly tells a castmate — likely Shannon — that she is speaking.

She invites Shannon to "shut the f–k up" instead of interrupting her.

Photo via Bravo

It’s not all conflict and yelling, however.

As is always the vibe with these trailers, after the dramatic start, we see a montage of vague, out-of-context "fun."

Pooltime fun gets interrupted and enhanced by a dog.

Photo via Bravo

Similarly, Noella opening a bottle of celebratory champagne made the cut, because it did not go well.

There are plenty of jokes that we could make, particularly in light of her being the current hottest member of the cast.

But we won’t. Look at us, being mature.

Photo via Bravo

And look at Shane, Emily’s husband, who finally passed the bar exam.

He is accepted as an attorney, with Emily and family there to support him.

This has been a long (and embarrassing) time coming for Shane.

Photo via Bravo

As a goof, Emily also enthroned herself as if she were a judge.

As if threatening to enter the political arena, she joked that it "feels right."

While we enjoy Emily’s role on the show, many of her fans would like her less if she ran for office.

Photo via Bravo

Dr. Jennifer Armstrong is seen giving a lecture to a mixed crowd.

She is warning about self-medicating (using drugs and alcohol to address things like pain, mental illness, emotional suffering).

Her lecture hits a little close to home for some of the members of the audience.

Photo via Bravo

Making awkward faces as Dr. Jen’s words register, Noella and Shannon both have drinks in hand while they listen.

In a bold and magnificently humorous move, Noella moves and clinks her glass with Shannon, as if toasting to self-medicating.

Noella is a wonderful addition to the cast. Have we mentioned that?

Photo via Bravo

Things are not going so well for Dr. Jen in her marriage, it seems.

There are obvious problems with Ryne, and we don’t just mean his name.

Awkward scenes of the two not being on the same page give way to a dramatic exit.

Photo via Bravo

According to Dr. Jen, he "packed his bags and left last night."

There is a lot that is totally robbed of context in this trailer, but that’s very sad.

A tearful Jen later confesses how this relationship has been taking its toll on her.

Photo via Bravo

Noella lets out a blood-curdling shriek in one scene.

It’s not clear what the context is, but all things considered, one can guess that it’s about her divorce.

She was really put through the wringer last year, and that’s not her only problem.

Photo via Bravo

During an unidentified activity, Noella appears to require urgent assistance.

It could be a panic attack, an emotional breakdown, or a physical injury requiring immediate medical attention.

We don’t know, but everyone is clearly concerned.

Photo via Bravo

Elsewhere, Shannon declares that some cast members would never, could never be friends with her.

Heather reacts to the line.

It’s unclear if she’s taking it as shade or agreeing. Possibly both.

Photo via Bravo

Noella — who seems to be in a much better place in some scenes than in others — smells some B.S. at work.

But the trailer does spend some time on Gina and Shannon’s feud.

As viewers remember, they have gone back and forth over the years, but are decidedly opposed these days.

Photo via Bravo

Speaking to her steadfast ally, Emily, Gina affirms that she loves herself.

It is clear that she feels that some individuals do not love themselves as they should.

It is also clear that Gina includes Shannon in this category.

Photo via Bravo

We also see Shannon’s man say "f–k Gina," which is unusually catty for a man on one of these shows. Fun!

Shannon is also seen going off and ranting at Emily about someone else.

While one assumes that her target is Gina, it could easily be Heather.

Photo via Bravo

Gina, meanwhile, does some tongue-in-cheek therapy by pleading with a bear.

The bear statue is unresponsive while Gina addresses the sculpture as she might address Shannon.

The real bitterness comes up in an exchange between Heather and Noella.

Heather Dubrow Reads a Castmate for Filth

Heather lays into Noella, reading her for filth.

She calls Noella, among other things, a "thirsty girl."

This feeds Noella the opportunity for the perfect retort: "Kinda shocked that you understand what ‘thirsty’ means."

Photo via Bravo

Shots fired!

We included the trailer in full for your amusement, of course.

Honestly, we can’t wait to see the simmering tensions between Noella and Heather boil over.