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When teasers for this season showed Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs go to war, they weren’t kidding.

On this week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the ladies were participating in a simple (if daunting) trust-building activity.

Instead, Teresa couldn’t stop throwing Margaret under the bus … even while her castmates viewed her as a hypocrite.

When Margaret confronted her, it instantly turned into a bitter screaming match.

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Traci, in the "friend" role, took the gals to TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park for a bonding exercise.

If you’ve ever worked one of those jobs, you may have also had to gather with coworkers in a similar manner.

It’s human nature to bond after this kind of mandatory socialization, even if some bond over complaining about it.

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Teresa didn’t need the park to complain, however, as she was already visibly in a bad mood upon arrival.

When she was partnered with Traci for a blindfolded trust walk (one partner giving verbal directions to a blindfolded person up in the trees), her mood soured further.

"Maybe I’ll go up with some people that I really don’t like so I can throw them down," Teresa joked menacingly.

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"I’m just not in the mood today," Teresa admitted. "She talked s–t."

"This is the dumbest thing ever," she declared. "It’s not safe to be blindfolded."

Teresa might want to be careful. Housewives have been sued in the past for similar statements about people’s businesses.

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"I don’t even f–king know [Traci]," Teresa griped to Melissa Gorga. "Why are you antagonizing my boyfriend?"

"I am not my husband’s keeper," Traci said very simply to the confessional camera.

"He does what he wants, when he wants, to who he wants," she continued. "And what’s wrong with asking a question if you have nothing to hide?"

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"I don’t understand being mad that people ask questions," Traci admitted to Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs.

"That’s what she likes," Jennifer argued weakly. "If you wanna be friends with her, these are her terms."

Margaret very sagely observed: "That’s not a friendship, that’s a dictatorship."

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It did strike everyone as odd that Teresa has such double standards about questions about various men.

"Here’s the thing: Teresa had no problem taking my husband’s name," Jackie Goldschneider noted, referring to Tre’s rumors about Evan.

"But," she remarked, "no one can even ask for a question about Louie."

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Teresa told Jackie that she blames Margaret for Jennifer’s current troubles.

"I kinda have a problem with this because nobody knew about this," she expressed.

"Now everybody knows ’cause of Margaret," Teresa accused. "Margaret is the one who let the cat out of the bag."

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But while Tre was blaming Margaret, her castmates felt that surely the blame should fall on Bill’s shoulders for cheating in the first place.

"Yeah but Margaret’s not the one who put the f–king cat in the bag," Jackie noted.

"Is Teresa really telling Margaret she’s wrong for bringing up Bill’s affair after what she did to my husband?" she added. "Uh, can we spell hypocrisy?"

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"She took the s–t and dumped it out," Teresa insisted, while of course being overheard.

"Uh ok, we can hear you!" Margaret said from just feet away. "And Jennifer has to do this. Shut it!"

Teresa fired back: "Well, you did it!" 

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"Leave it at that, Teresa. We both owned our part and we’re better for it," Margaret said.

"And [Jennifer] and I are grown-ups, unlike some other people here," she continued.

"Yeah I know, otherwise you’re gonna look like s–t," Teresa spat.

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"You already do!" Margaret fired back. "You look like s–t! You look like s–t all last year."

Things were getting even worse … at which point the screen went dark.

The fight will be continued next week.