Ryan Edwards: I Didn't Actually Kill Cats, I Just Wanted Attention!

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After bragging about it all over social media, Ryan Edwards now claims that he does not kill cats.

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Maci Bookout's ex-boyfriend is currently being investigated by the Humane Educational Society, who have solid evidence to back up their belief that he is maliciously killing animals at his Tennessee home.

The organization obtained a search warrant, which allowed police and animal control to search and take photos of the property.  There, they found animal remains and cat food.

"If you have a cat problem, you don't put food all over the place," director of the Humane Educational Society, Bob Citrullo told local site, nooga.com.

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"He's saying he made it up and was just doing it to build hype ... He didn't think he'd get this much aggravation out of it," Citrullo said.

The issue authorities are facing now is how to move forward, Citrullo explained, adding that the law is a little vague when it comes to protecting cats.

"It's very specific on companion animals and livestock, but feral cats are falling in between [the laws]," Citrullo said.

Still, Edwards is not off the hook.

"I hope we can do something for all the issues he's caused," Citrullo added.

"We are putting a lot of effort into this."

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Earlier this month, Edwards bragged about his killing spree and his ability to keep those vandalizing cats from ruining his life.

Edwards loved the horrified comments from his followers, and made no apologies for his actions.

"When they start living under you [sic] house and having 100 babies that scratch your car and boat and piss on everything and get into your garbage let me know," he wrote.

"Lol and you can go to jail for vandalizing people's property and trespassing so I guess I'll call the cops next time lol. Like you ppl are stupid."

No, sir.  You are. You also might be a bit of a sociopath.

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