90 Day Fiance Sneak Peek: Will Rosemarie Forgive Big Ed?

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90 Day Fiance fans already knew that Big Ed Brown was hiding huge secrets from Rosemarie before he went to meet her.

Then, fans saw an inner ugliness in Ed that no one expected. Will Rose ever speak to him again?

Big Ed Brown Expects the Worst

After the previous episode's debacle, Big Ed spends this next sneak peek trying to salvage his relationship ... if there's anything left to fix.

"I haven't seen or spoken to Rose since last night when I asked her to take the STD test," Ed tells the camera.

Notably, he is glossing over what went down that evening.

In the clip that we have included with this post, Ed admits: "I'm feeling like ... it's over."

Big Ed Brown walks near motorcycles

"But," Ed says, "I'm not ready to give up yet."

"So, I decided to text her in Tagalog," he explains, "as a form of respect."

"And," Ed continues, he decided to "ask her to meet me at a nearby cafe ... at 2 o'clock."

He expresses: "and I pray to God that she shows up."

Big Ed Brown Waits

We then see him sit down, order coffee, and effectively twiddle his thumbs anxiously.

(Anyone else getting flashbacks to back when fans thought that Ricky Reyes was getting catfished in Columbia?)

Producers probably know if Rosemarie is coming, but that doesn't mean that they would tell Ed.

That emotional discomfort is all part of the show -- and frankly, it's kind of what he deserves right now.

Rosemarie vs Big Ed Brown about prince's father

For Ed to say that he simply asked Rose to take an STD test is really not doing justice to what went down.

He gave her nothing short of an interrogation about her sexual history.

When she told him that she had had two boyfriends who hurt her and so she left in the time since she had Prince, he heard what he wanted.

But he had done too much damage at that point -- she was furious and wanted to go to a different hotel.

Rosemarie tells Big Ed Brown that prince's father has his own life

Obviously, asking a partner to take an STI test is reasonable -- provided that both parties agree to do so.

Sometimes, cultural attitudes can lead someone to feel offended, but it's better to offend someone than to get herpes, right?

In this case, however, the demand for Rosemarie to take the test was only part of the problem.

His approach was so hostile that anyone would have been insulted.

Big Ed Brown and Rosemarie get into a car

"I don’t think I could’ve made a better fool of myself," Ed admitted to the camera.

"When you’re in love," he characterized, "you’re not thinking."

"You’re not thinking about anybody else but yourself and the person you’re in love with," Ed claimed.

"And I was frustrated," he shared, "because nobody understood."

Big Ed Brown Tries to Speak

Under other circumstances, Ed's tearful confession that he doesn't "believe in love" might have elicited sympathy.

But right now, he is not finding any favor among 90 Day Fiance fans who believe that he has been extremely unfair to Rose.

Fortunately, Ed knows that too.

Will we watch him get stood up and return, dejected, to the US? Or will we get to see him make a a grand romantic gesture?

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