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After a turbulent few weeks, Big Ed Brown described himself as the most authentic star in 90 Day Fiance history. It didn’t go over well.

Now, rumor has it that Rosemarie and Ed are over … and that she is now engaged to a woman.

Big Ed Brown Speaks In Quarantine April 2020

Fans have gone and continue to go back and forth when it comes to what they think of Ed Brown.

First, they are leery of his massive age gap with Rosemarie, since he is twice her age and she comes from such desperate poverty.

Then, they were charmed by his earnestness. Then, turned off by his rudeness when he demanded that she take an STI test.

We won’t know how to feel about Ed until we’ve all seen everything, if then.

Ed Brown Speaks His Mind

In Ed’s first interview since the rumors of Rosemarie becoming engaged to a woman surfaced, he’s talking about their relationship.

"I can just say that I’m happy," he tells Entertainment Tonight‘s Lauren Zima via remote interview. "That’s all I can tell you."

"I’m very, very happy," he says.

It is important to note that, for some reason, a Jack Black film is playing on the television behind him throughout this interview.

"You know, half the stuff that I read online," Ed begins, before correcting himself: "Not half the stuff. 90% of the stuff I read is not true."

"It’s people grabbing information," he explains, "they’re grabbing bits and bits of information and they’re just creating fake news."

"They don’t know what’s going on," Ed claims.

He then asserts: "I know what’s going on … in my heart."

Ed Brown on the Pig Farm
Photo via TLC

Lauren Zima, even from what is clearly a seat on the floor at the foot of her bed, presses for clarification on the Rosemarie rumor.

"I have no idea," Ed professes.

He admits: "I haven’t even seen the article."

"I mean, people will talk about it, but … I’ve not … I haven’t seen it," Ed says, becoming flustered as he realizes what he may have just let slip.

90 Day Fiance Before: Ed Hugs Rosemarie

"I can’t answer that," he says after slowing his roll with a long sip. "I cannot answer that; you know that."

He also "cannot answer" when it comes to whether or not he and Rosemarie (and presumably Prince) are quarantining together.

This comes down to 90 Day Fiance contracts.

You are not allowed to spoil your season, even though it is filmed many months before it airs.

Big Ed Brown Tries to Speak
Photo via TLC

The biggest takeaway from this entire interview may be that Ed just let slip that he and Rosemarie are no longer together.

At least, that’s what it sounds like he is saying when he claims to truly not know the answer.

If he and Rosemarie were married, quarantining together, or even simply engaged from afar, he would pretty much have to know if she’s engaged.

Maybe he was just trying to say "I don’t know" to everything to appease TLC … or maybe he let something slip.

90 Day Fiance Before: Rosemarie Is Hesitant

However, Rosemarie herself has addressed the rumor.

Taking to social media (Reddit, for some reason), Rosemarie shot down the claim that she is about to some mutual wifing up.

"The rumor that I’m engaged to a woman is NOT TRUE #stopthelies," she wrote.

That’s a shame. After seeing how she lived, a lot of fans were hoping that someone would come sweep her off her feet, and who better than a woman?