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Doesn’t it feel like we just replaced Regis Philbin? Man, that search was exhausting.

Here we are, four years later, offering unsolicited advice on who should replace Michael Strahan, Kelly Ripa’s Live! co-host of four years.  

Strahan is heading over to Good Morning America, an announcement that blindsided Ripa and made for some very juicy headlines.  

After taking a time-out last week to collect herself, Ripa The Peanut assured her audience that all is well with the Live! family and she’s so excited for Strahan.

We half-believe her, but we fully get why she felt duped and left out of a very important club meeting.

So, to make her job easier, we’ve pulled together a list of 16 celebrities worthy enough to sit next to Ripa.  

Well, some are worthy.  Others are actively seeking employment.