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It’s tough to tell what the hell is happening in the life of Rob Kardashian these days.

Rob Kardashian Toothpick Photo
Photo via Instagram/Rob Kardashian

For a while there, it looked as though Rob and Blac Chyna had broken up.

Then there was talk that the couple was back together, but Rob and Blac had canceled their wedding.

Now, we’re hearing that the wedding is on, but it won’t be televised on a Rob-and-Blac spinoff series, as originally planned.

The problem it seems, is that after several days of shooting, producers determined that Rob is kinda boring.

Considering the 29-year-old has spent the last several years of his life doing literally nothing, we suppose that’s not too surprising.

Adding to the problem is that fans of the Kard clan stopped caring about Rob and Blac’s relationship much faster than expected, and E! reportedly now believes that a ChyRo series would meet the same fate as 

But reality TV is in Rob’s blood, and having his show shelved, even though his relationship has been rife with drama, would be the ultimate embarrassment.

So he’s doing what Kardashians have done since time immemorial.

No, he didn’t make a sex tape with Blac Chyna (although we imagine that’s forthcoming).

Instead, he took the Khloe route – jumping on social media to show the world hoe funny and irreverent he is.

We don’t want to mice words here so we’ll just come out with it:

Rob told his mom to put her dick in his mouth.

We don’t get it either.

Does Rob not know how sex works, or are we supposed to marvel at how ca-razy he is?

Check out below to help us figure this thing out.