Ray Rice: I Understand Why Some Won't Forgive Me!

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In May, Ray Rice was cleared of domestic violence charges after attacking his wife.  He claims he is a changed man, but no one really believes him.

He also claims he understands why the footage of him knocking out his wife has permanently damaged his reputation.  

ESPN’s Outside the Line chatted with Rice, asking him about his attempted comeback in the NFL and in life.

Rice said, "Over time I want to be able to rewrite the script to tell my daughter...Y'know, Daddy made the worst decision of his life, but this is what I did going forward.”

He also said he gets it.  He claimed he understands the seriousness of the violent attack and rightfully assumes that some people will never forgive him.

"If you have never seen what domestic violence looks like, and you look at my video I can understand why some people will never forgive me,” Rice explained.

Is this just lip service used to repair his reputation so he can pick up a contract with an NFL team?

Currently, Rice is a free agent and eligible to be signed by any NFL team.  However, no team has offered yet.

The disgraced football player has attempted to clean up his image before.  Rice spoke out about the assault, telling Matt Lauer it was a "horrendous mistake."

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