Ray Rice: Cleared of Domestic Violence Charges!?

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It’s been a busy season for criminal athletes.

In just the last few weeks, Tom Brady was suspended for DeflateGate and Glory Johnson and Britney Griner were suspended for a domestic violence dispute. 

Now, Ray Rice is back in the spotlight. The only difference is, somehow, the former Baltimore Ravens star isn’t in trouble.

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In fact, he is no longer a domestic violence offender at all. At least not in the eyes of the law, after he completed an intervention program.

The charges filed following the elevator altercation that led to Ray Rice knocking out Janay Palmer have been dismissed and expunged.

Rice followed through with a pretrial program, so the Atlantic County D.A. sent a dismissal order to the court, which cleared his record.

Judge Michael A. Donio validated the dismissal order early Thursday.

Essentially, his signature clears Rice of his domestic violence record.

The NFL player made a deal with prosecutors. Originally charged with felony aggravated assault, the D.A. lowered his charge to simple assault, a misdemeanor.

It is hard to call the assault a misdemeanor when he viciously attacked Janay and dragged her unconscious body out of the elevator.

According to documents, Rice was in a supervised intervention program for one year.  And he had to pay a measly $125 fine.

I’ve paid more than that in parking tickets.  WTF!?!?!

Rice gets to put the case behind him, in any case.

But really, no one has forgotten.  In another controversial move, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reinstated him. Thankfully, no team has desired to pick him up.

The only person who has stuck by his side is the very woman he attacked.  The day after he was indicted, Ray Rice and Janay Palmer were married.

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