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Adrian and Brooke Franklin recently got married at a church in South Gastonia, North Carolina.

No, in and of itself, that fact is not especially interesting.

But here’s the thing: Adrian and Brooke first met in that same church 17 years ago, when they served as ring bearer and flower girl at the same wedding.

"I had a crush on him from the start," Brooke tells the town’s local affiliate ABC11 of Adrian, who she met when both were five.

"He absolutely could not stand me. He said I got on his nerves. I’d tried to play with him at school and at church and he just didn’t want much to do with me at all."

The pair went through elementary and middle school together before clicking romantically in high school.

Among their guests at their September nuptials? The bride from the wedding where they first met. Crazy, right?!?

"We forgot that we were in the wedding together and she brought the photos to us," Brooke says. "She just thought that was the neatest thing. She was really excited."

Heck, we’re really excited! And we don’t even know you!