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90 Day: The Single Life is back with its second season, including Natalie Mordovtseva’s quest for a hot Florida Man.

As she ventures for a rebound after her split from Mike Youngquist, she is going on blind dates.

In this clip of Friday’s episode, Natalie gushes about how her date is even hotter than his photo.

There’s just one problem: he’s drinking a cocktail when she shows up. Natalie isn’t having it.

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On the season premiere, Natalie wasn’t really dating so much as flirting in her patented wide-eyed, bouncy way.

Some viewers were concerned that Natalie’s behavior has grown even odder since ending her marriage to Mike.

Others reasoned that perhaps she was just trying to turn on her version of charm and try to "chat up" a man on the beach.

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In this sneak peek clip of the second episode, Natalie is preparing to embark upon a blind date.

It is, she reveals, her first blind date — ever.

Thankfully, it’s 2021, so she has seen the guy’s photo. It’s enough that she’s a little nervous.

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Her first reaction upon meeting Johnny is to notice how handsome he is.

Natalie is "nervous" by her own admission, but she’s pleased to meet a man who is better looking than his photo.

Then she looks down at his drink, asks what he’s drinking, and her mood swiftly changes.

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Johnny reveals that he is drinking a Red Bull vodka, and Natalie is instantly put off.

"Oh, okay," she says in the most neutral tone that she can manage.

"When I enter restaurant," Natalie describes to the camera, "he had a drink. … Not nice."

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"I don’t want have dates with guys who’re obsessed with drinks," Natalie declares in her post-date confessional.

She explains this policy "because I consider man as a potential father of my kids."

It seems that Natalie’s strong opinions about alcohol have not changed in the slightest.

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Johnny clearly picks up on her discomfort.

But since she hasn’t told him, he naturally doesn’t conclude that she’s internally screaming because he’s drinking a cocktail.

Instead, he innocently asks her what sort of drink she might like, listing vodka, tequila, and — perhaps catching on to her mood — water.

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Natalie explains that she does not want to drink because she is "not a party girl."

"I would not want to look for party guy," she explains to him, "because we would not match."

Natalie added: "Because I want to be a mother and I want to have a child."

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This, however, is when Johnny surprises her.

He goes to get her a water and himself a water.

While the bartender is not yet available, he even returns his own unfinished cocktail.

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Natalie met a guy who would rather forego having a drink of any kind than drive her away.

She picked up on this and found it tremendously encouraging.

"He took his drink and remove it," Natalie recalls. "And he said, ‘I do it for you.’"

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In Natalie’s mind, this formed a wonderful contrast from her ex.

"It make me feel good," she tells the camera, "because Michael never choose me over alcohol."

By that, Natalie clearly means that Michael did not stop drinking alcohol entirely to appease her, which is true.

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Natalie of course quickly shifted the mood by asking Johnny a very serious question.

"So, you believe in God?" she asks at the end of the clip.

While questions of religious belief can be important for compatibility, that’s a doozy of a line for a first date. It all is.

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Tragically, the sneak peek clip ran out before we could get Johnny’s answer or, more importantly, however Natalie responds to it.

But that’s what the full episode is for.

90 Day: The Single Life is streaming new episodes on Fridays on the Discovery Plus streaming app.