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Two months ago, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers saw Angela Deem declare that she’s done with Michael Ilesanmi.

Her Tell All rampage did not stop there, as she later announced that her marriage to Michael was never legitimate in the first place.

That statement wasn’t just harsh, it was the sort of thing that could be used against her as Michael tries to come to the U.S.

If Angela’s even still trying to bring him over. If they’re still together. Now, Angela has spilled the beans.

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It’s been a long two months since that September Tell All when the grandmother flashed her breasts.

Those of us watching from home had our view mercifully censored.

Michael’s aunt Lydia, Angela’s castmates, the crew, and poor Shaun Robinson had that sight rawdogging their eyes unblurred and without remorse.

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While it was her newly augmented breasts that made headlines, Angela also had a lot to say.

She told Michael "I’m done," though it wasn’t for the first time.

Then Angela stormed off of the stage (one of multiple incidents), leaving her castmates to process what they’d just witnessed.

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Kalani Faagata, who has no business being this funny, was quick to use the incident for laughs.

But while Angela’s castmates reacted to what had gone down, Angela was still seething.

On the elevator, she ranted to her daughter, Skyla, who could only nod in agreement with her unhinged mother.

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Angela insisted that "Psychic Tracy" had warned her that Lydia was influencing Michael to stand up to her.

While the way that Angela treats Michael (and others) is abhorrent, she never fails to find fault with them when they have the courage to assert themselves.

Angela believed that those close to Michael in Nigeria were driving a wedge between them.

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Angela had been instructed by her surgeons to stop smoking.

The health and happiness of others had never stopped her before, so doctor’s orders didn’t stop her now.

Raging and ranting, she smoked outside of the Tell All … and still had the gall to blame Michael for her choice.

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Yara Zaya is both wise and beautiful, and she had her own commentary on Angela’s behavior.

That was before Angela returned to the stage.

No one seems willing to challenge her to her face, as any criticism is seen as an attack — and met with retaliation.

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Back on stage, however, Angela’s bad behavior continued — as if it could ever end.

She flipped off Michael, cursing him out.

Verbal and emotional abuse seems to be the core of their relationship, and it all travels in one direction: from Angela to Michael.

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Later, Angela ranted to the cameras (in a confessional that may have been filmed the next day) about Michael.

She was outraged that he tried to call her during the chat.

Angela also said that their marriage didn’t count in America because that paperwork hadn’t happened yet, so she was just going to live how she wanted.

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Now, weeks after that, Angela appeared on 90 Day: Bares All to speak with Shaun Robinson.

During that interview, she claimed that her prescription pain medication and a lack of good sleep had caused her on-stage behavior.

It was a clear effort to walk back her antics as if they were not entirely consistent with her personality and behavior.

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But … did Angela mean what she said to and about Michael?

"I’m done" has become something of a running joke among fans in the franchise because of how often it is said.

Sometimes, though, an "I’m done" really does mean that it’s the end.

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Angela’s social media — notably, she and Michael are one of those weird couples with a creepy "shared account" — has been a little quiet on that front.

She has used her Instagram to put her ex-friend JoJo on blast (yes, the same friend who went to Nigeria for her and helped her after her surgery).

JoJo has gotten support from Debbie Johnson during the bitter feud, and the majority of fans are also on her side.

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However, a recent video shows Angela dancing around, showing off her slimmer figure.

It would be a fun moment if we didn’t know who Angela is and how she treats the people whom she claims to love.

The caption, "Live your life until he is here," was interesting.

Michael was (remotely) in the video with Angela, cheerfully dancing along with her.

The two had gone Live together, where they confirmed that they are still together as a couple.

However, Angela and Michael are still living separately … and seem unsure of when they will be reunited.