Mike Huckabee Defends Duggar Family in EPIC Tirade!

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Long before the Josh Duggar sex scandals made headlines, the 19 Kids and Counting clan was friendly with a number of influential conservative politicians, among them, former Arkansas governor and current presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee.

While most politicians (particularly those with their eyes on a national election) distanced themselves from the Duggars following the revelation that Josh had molested four of his sisters, Huckabee stood by the family's side.

When it was reported that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar has helped hide Josh's crimes from the authorities, Huckabee passed up the opportunity to condemn such actions, and instead argued that the media was "trying to destroy" the Duggars.

Huckabee had probably hoped that the media attention surrounding the Duggars would have died down by now, but somehow the family seems to be embroiled in a new scandal every week.

Equally surprising is the fact that - despite polling in the single-digits since day one of his campaign - the 60-year-old Republican is currently stumping in Iowa alongside candidates who actually have a chance.

We'd the Huckster is wasting his time, but as long as he keeps providing us with hilariously interactions like the one below, we hope he keeps soldiering on.

The footage - shot during a campaign stop in Clinton, Iowa - shows a woman calling Huckabee out for his politically disastrous support of the Duggars.

"When the Duggars came out and the son had molested their child you more or less said that you felt sorry for their parents," she says. "Their parents let it continue for over two years."

Huckabee tries on his best Trump impersonation and flips out on the woman, eventually cutting her off entirely.

Just before the woman reveals that she's a victim of child molestation herself, Huckabee shouts at her, "You don't know that family and I do!" and sounds very much like a man who's desperate to justify a seriously ill-advised stance.

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