Hannah Ann Sluss on Peter Weber Railing Kelley Flanagan: This is What He Does!

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It now appears that Peter Weber is totally boning Kelley Flanagan while the two "shelter in place" together.

What does his ex, Hannah Ann, think of all of this?

Sluss, Hannah

Right before Chicago's controversial mayor made noise about shutting down public parks and Illinois' statewide stay-at-home order ...

... Peter and Kelley were spotted looking cozy and way closer than six feet apart.

The photographs went everywhere, and Hannah Ann deleted every single photo of Peter from her Instagram in a public display of ... something.

Is she angry? Is she bitter? Or is she just plain tired of seeing Peter's face?

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan

Remember David Spade? From the '90s? The last that we heard from him, he was feuding with Danielle Bregoli.

Anyway, Hannah Ann Sluss did an interview with him on Lights Out With David Spade.

It's sort of awkward and, by its own admission, the video quality is rough, but that's what happens when you livestream from house to house.

After touching on moving to L.A. just before a pandemic, Hannah Ann touches on Peter and Kelley.

David Spade, Hannah Ann Sluss remote interview still

When David brings up Peter, Hannah Ann's thoughts betray her.

She lets out an audible "ugh," though neither she nor her host acknowledge that.

"When I saw the pictures," Hannah Ann says, "I really wasn’t that surprised by it."

“I mean, I’ve moved on," she reasons. "Peter’s moved on."

Cuddling with Hannah Ann

Hannah Ann affirms that, as exes, "we’re both able to do what we want."

'Also, in regards to Kelley, I met her through the show," she points out.

"We were friends," Hannah Ann notes, "and we were dating the same guy."

So it's a little different than how some might feel about seeing an ex with a friend.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Engaged

"So me seeing her with someone that I had dated," Hannah begins to explain.

She continues: "it doesn’t really make me as upset."

That makes sense.

For those of us who've never dated on reality TV, it's like seeing a friend date an ex ... but if you all met during a threesome. Or whatever.

Kelley F. Photo

Hannah Ann then ambiguously concludes with: "if it wasn’t for any other circumstance."

So it sounds like other circumstances (what with Peter being a f--kboi) have made her more upset than she would normally be.

Honestly? That is very fair.

She's entitled to feel miffed after Peter's indecisiveness played games with her feelings, and the emotions of several other women.

Hannah Ann The Bachelor

"I mean, they can choose to do what they want to do," Hannah Ann affirms.

Mostly, she is glad that she feels like she has closure on the whole mess.

"I'm just glad that I'm out of, like, the love triangle -- square," she jokes. "It's square, now."

Peter may continue to add vertices to that love polygon. 

Hannah Ann Sluss Models

But Hannah Ann doesn't plan to be one of them.

Instead, she is focused upon making sure that she remains safe and well-supplied during this coronavirus pandemic.

This is her first time living in her own apartment in L.A., and it's turning out to be a very different experience than she had expected.

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