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Following last night’s dramatic season premiere, Matt Baier wants Teen Mom OG viewers to know that he’s sick of the scrutiny.

Matt Baier on Dr. Drew

Now that the reality hit is back on MTV, Baier and his fiancee, Amber Portwood are doing damage control on his reputation.

To which I speak for everyone when I say, "too little, too late."

Still, Portwood will fight for the man she loves.

"I think one thing people are going to see is how a lot of the child support cases against him were dropped," Portwood told Hollywood Life.

"They’re going to take a step back and say, ‘Oh wow, maybe I was wrong,’" she said.

"Matt doesn’t have that many kids and he was put out there as this horrible person that he isn’t. It completely shocked him."

"I had to try to stick with it and stay with him, and thank God I did or it would have been a mistake, Portwood added.

Matt Baier Season Six Teen Mom OG

As for the status of their relationship, Portwood says things are terrific, and that everything they’ve been through made them stronger.

Is she trying too hard to convince herself of that?

No so, she insists. Although they have delayed their October wedding, the Teen Mom tandem is looking forward to building a future together.

"We’re doing great today,” Portwood said.

“That’s not Matt today … that wasn’t even him a couple years ago. I don’t want people to think he’s this slimy guy when he’s so amazing."

"I want people to see what I see,” she added.

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What they see has not been all that impressive so far, but Amber is standing by her man through thick and thin, which does tell you something.

The couple went on Dr. Drew’s show last night to discuss the rumors that have plagued Baier for the better part of a year now.

Namely, the small fact that Matt Baier has seven kids (or eight, or nine, depending on who you ask) that he sired and left behind.

As well as his issues with addiction, which are well documented.

Oh, and the fact that he tried to bang Farrah Abraham before meeting Amber – a topic that was broached last night on Teen Mom: OG.

Guy has a lot of baggage, to say the least.

Amber with Matt Baier

“Yes, I have a lousy past. The proof is bad enough – why make stuff up?” Baier, 44, told Dr. Drew during yesterday’s sit-down.

Obviously, with a track record like his, there’s both a lot of explaining to do, and not a lot of explaining he can do to change minds.

He does want to stress one key point, however.

"I wasn’t a deadbeat dad," he says, but rather, "I was an absentee dad back then, and I think there’s a big difference."

Is there, though? Or is it mere semantics?

And even though he has five children – not seven, eight or nine, as some have alleged – he assured viewers that his hands are clean.

“I owe zero dollars in child support.”

Slow claps for the absentee dad.