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LuAnn de Lesseps is finally about to confront her cheating fiancè on The Real Housewives of New York City. 

It’s going to be one of the biggest showdowns in the history of The Real Housewives franchise and we couldn’t be more excited for it. 

Sure, it sucks for LuAnn to be cheated on, but it’s best she knows exactly what Tom D’Agostino Jr. is up to behind her back. 

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In the video from the season finale of the Bravo hit, LuAnn calls Tom, with Bethenny in her presence. 

She confronts him over the phone and it sure seems like he tries to wriggle his way out of it. 

What was his excuse?

He didn’t remember. What a horrible way to admit to cheating. Right?!

It’s bad enough he cheated with a woman in a New York City hotel, but why did he not just admit to it?

He knew the net was closing in, so he should have expected nothing less than the cheating being revealed in front of the cameras.

LuAnn is understandably not impressed with Tom, but we already know he manages to sweet talk her. 

The wedding is very much still on, but don’t expect Bethenny to be in attendance. 

Fans of the reality show were quick to point out that Bethenny shouldn’t have revealed Tom’s deceit to LuAnn while the cameras were rolling. 

The thing fans seem to forget is that most of what happens on reality TV is manipulated in some way. 

For all we know, the scene with LuAnn going at it with Tom on the phone could have been filmed after the real argument took place. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, you’ll know Bethenny seemed to be using the evidence as a bargaining chip. 

She tried to keep it from LuAnn for as long as possible and gave out very vague hints. 

If you recall, she asked LuAnn if she was in an open relationship with Tom just a few weeks ago. 

Bethenny Frankel & Luann de Lesseps Arguing

LuAnn was furious and noted that she knew Bethenny was up to something. 

What do you think of the video?

Was Bethenny right to reveal it all on camera?

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