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Peter Weber has entered many women over the years.

This season’s The Bachelor has made that perfectly clear ever since he became a household name.

On Monday night, however, the handsome pilot will enter something else entirely: Virgin territory.

Madison Prewett Image
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Yes, folks, we really did just make that terrible pun.

But only because the main focus of next week’s intense Fantasy Suite episode will be on Madison Prewett, a virgin who isn’t just saving herself for marriage.

She wants the man to whom she’ll get married to also be saving himself for her.

Or, at the very least, she wants this man NOT to just sleep around on camera (or close to it) with every pretty face that flashes him a smile.

Peter Weber in Total Shock
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As previously analyzed, Madison has issued a sex ultimatum to Peter. She’s basiically told him to zip up his fly or risk losing her.

In a new promo for the upcoming installment, Peter at first admits that he’s in love with all three of his remaining girlfriends — Madison, Hannah Ann, and Victoria F. — and he has "no idea how [he’s] going to do this."

He’s the only Bachelor lead to ever feel this way, too, so it’s really unexpected to hear the guy utter such words and/or face such a conundrum.

The three suitors all also must live together when they’re not on their dates, too, which a new and very extra awkward twist… especially when Madison’s giving Peter the aforementioned ultimatum.

"I wouldn’t be able to say yes to the engagement if you have slept with the other women," she says.

"I have been intimate. I can’t lie to you about that," Peter replies, as we see racy footage of him and some other woman behind a bathroom door.

At this, Madison gets up from the table and storms away — and then the promo reminds us that we’re in for a "bombshell finale," featuring that now classic shot of Peter’s mother crying and saying:

"Don’t let her go, bring her home to us."

Photo via ABC

To whom is Mrs. Weber referring, that’s the question?

Is it answered by these The Bachelor spoilers?

After what most viewers believe has been an average season at best, are we in for a truly shocking finale that will leave the Internet buzzing, barking and debating?

It actually does seem that way.

For the record, Madison has not yet told Peter that she’s waiting until marriage to have sex.

However, if she watched any of The Bachelorette last season, she most certainly knows Peter does not share this same view.

(See windmill, sex, Hannah Brown.)

Does this mean the two can’t end up together? Nope. One never knows, you know? Anything is possible.

But between his libido, his unexplained affection for Victoria and the history of virgin contestants throughout Bachelor history, let’s just say the odds are not in Madison’s favor right now.

Who do YOU want Peter Weber to choose?

Check out this trailer for more!