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Recently, Nicki Minaj has been busy with her convicted rapist and murderer husband Kenneth Petty and pushing her "Yikes" single.

Fortunately, she found the time to do what she does best – record a jaw-dropping twerking video that’s breaking the internet.

Nicki Minaj in Black
Photo via Getty

To start with, a warning: this article and the accompanying video feature Nicki Minaj’s butt very prominently.

Of course, it’s hard to show Nicki on film or in photos without her booty stealing the show. It’s not a subtle thing.

But this is another level. It’s a video of her twerking, which is all about her butt, and an insane one at that.

If this content offends you, you may want to direct your browser to one of our other articles. Onward!

As you can see, Nicki may appear naked at first, but she’s actually wearing a skintight and very reavealing bodysuit.

Still, even in the dark of this video, it doesn’t hide much.

She is laying down on her chest and knees for much of the video, her butt sticking way up in the air and her feet braced against the wall.

From a physics standpoint, bracing her feet makes the jiggle mechanics of her butt more dramatic. But it’s not like she needed help.

True to twerking form, her ginormous posterior moves freely, bouncing and jiggling to its own rhythm as she moves the rest of her body.

Thanks to the television in the background, the illumination improves somewhat during the course of the video.

As you can see in the GIF that we whipped up for you below, Nicki adjusts her position more than once, moving her torso up and down.

That seemed to inject some variety into the bounce physics of her butt’s movements. The iconic results speak for themselves.

Photo via Instagram

It’s pretty safe to say that butt enthusiasts – well, maybe extreme butt enthusiasts – just about lost their minds over this video.

Incredibly, the video apparently met Instagram’s standards, barely, and has been allowed to stay on the platform. For now.

Open, thirsty comments flooded Nicki’s timeline, however, to the point where she deactivated comments under the video.

Nicki Minaj Epic Mirror Belfie
Photo via Instagram

All of that jiggling was too much for fans and her skimpy outfit alike. Minaj’s dress eventually pops over her butt.

Nicki’s butt is, some would say, a national treasure. One that produces far too much friction for any dress to contain.

All in all, it serves as a nice distraction from the fact that Nicki’s romantic partner is a convicted rapist and murderer.

Or that Nicki Minaj allegedly knew that her brother was raping his step-daughter. She’s had a rough PR year.

Yeah. Back to the twerkage!