Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards on Brandi Glanville: What a Crock of Poo!

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On this much, we all can agree:

Brandi Glanville will not return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season.

But on this point, Brandi does not see eye to eye with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards: Just whose decision was it for Glanville to depart?

Most initial reports claimed the controversial star was fired, but Glanville said on her podcast this week that she chose to leave the franchise.

Asked by TMZ about Glanville basically claiming she quit, Richards shot back responded on camera: “Truth cannon my ass!”

Vanderpump then added that it was a “crock of poo.”

Both women did say, at least, that they wish Brandi the "best."

Check out the above video for more.

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