Brandi Glanville: FIRED From The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

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Well, it's official. The 90210 is without one of its best-known firebrands.

After months of rumors that Brandi Glanville would be fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bravo execs finally brought the axe down.

TMZ reports that Glanville has been axed after 4 seasons on the series.

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The move comes as somewhat of a shock, as Brandi's brash, boozy behavior has created plenty of ratings-friendly drama over the years.

However, insiders say Glanville had simply become too difficult to work with.

Sources claim Brandi's "erratic behavior" repeatedly made the other cast members feel unsafe, and she's clashed with producers of the show often.

The decision to cut Brandi seems to be partially the result of her friendship with Kim Richards, who has been equally if not more embattled.

Richards is in rehab at the moment, and producers doubt that she'll be able to return to the show once she's through with treatment.

As Kim is Brandi's partner in crime, the powers that be reportedly believe Glanville won't have much to do without Richards to confide in.

Sources say Brandi has been offered a part-time "friend of the Housewives" gig, but has not yet committed to any future appearances.

The usually outspoken Glandville has yet to publicly address the news of her firing, but you can expect her to do so candidly before long.

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