Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus: Cute Sing-Along Takes A Weird Turn!

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It's all fun and games until your beloved plays a trick on you.

Miley Cyrus recorded video of her car ride sing-a-long with Liam Hemsworth and her dog, Barbie.  

And while we really only saw Barbie in the Instagram video (not that we're complaining, because that face is darling), we were treated to the vocal talents of Hemsworth singing Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself."

Cyrus' angelic voice was on display, but we already know she can sing.  What we're more interested in is the off-camera adorableness that is Hemsworth, that Australian hunk who is set to make an honest woman out of Cyrus.

At one point in the video, Hemsworth lets out a startling scream, both freaking out and annoying Cyrus.

"Babe, stop! Seriously," she scolded Hemsworth.

Celeb couples, they're just like us!

Cyrus will be a coach on the 11th season of The Voice, premiering this fall on NBC.  Her fellow coach, Blake Shelton playfully talked smack about the star back in May about the new addition.

"God, I hope [Miley] sucks,” Shelton joked to Access Hollywood.

“I hope she sucks, I hope Alicia [Keys] sucks and I know Adam sucks … But I have a feeling she probably won’t.”

 “I think she’ll probably work hard at this because she’s definitely someone who thinks, obviously, thinks outside the box and so I know she’s going to bring her own elements, as far as mentoring, into the show,” he said.

“I think The Voice needs it, I think we need her.”

Cyrus has her game face on, and has been prepping for her seat on the set since the announcement was made.

"Blake made a joke of he knows why I always have my tongue out, it’s because it’s always tired because I never stop talking,” Cyrus told Jimmy Fallon. “But he’s gonna regret that when I win.”

A new season of The Voice premieres Monday, September 19th on NBC.

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