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Donald Trump has already insulted Mexican people.

And women.

And Muslims.

And even the parents of a U.S. soldier who was killed in battle.

But we figured adorable, innocent, tiny human beings were off-limits.

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We figured wrong.

During a speech in Ashburn, Virginia on Tuesday, August 2, Trump was talking about China and how it hordes America’s debt over us and how close he is to that country…

… when a baby started to cry in the audience.

At first, The Donald appeared to reply with kindness and understanding. And some creepiness.

He said he loved babies and that this one was "young and beautiful" and the mother could relax and sit down, it was all good.

Donald Trump in Virginia
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But then Trump kept talking and the baby cried again and he took a different approach.

He told the baby and its mother to leave.

He couldn’t even believe that the woman did not understand his initial sarcasm.

Some people just don’t get it, he mumbled out loud.

The mother actually thought he didn’t mind that a baby was crying during his speech. Pishaw! Trump was flabbergasted.

Which at least means he now understands how sane people feel when they hear anyone on the planet think Donald Trump should be President of the United States.

Donald Trump Looks Into Crowd
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Ready to see Trump actually put a baby in the corner?

Watch below to see how he reacts to this very rude and immature interruption: